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The Online Seth Intensive Course - Section A

by New Awareness Network Inc.

The Online Seth Intensive Course - Section A

The Online Seth Intensive Course - Section A

by New Awareness Network Inc.

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Section A- Starts October 4, 2023 and Ends November 14, 2023
The Online Webinar portion of the course is held at 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm Eastern Time
There are 6 Live Webinars..
Webinar Dates: Wed Nights October 4, 11, 18, 25 November 1, 8,  2023
All other activities, including video taped lectures, assignments, course forum, etc, are done during the week, at your own pace and on your own schedule
All webinars are recorded, so if you miss any you can listen to them at your convenience.  

For a more complete description, including reviews from past participants, click HERE.

An in-home learning experience with instructor
Rick Stack including live online interactive webinars

"Now you may call this a spiritual or psychological or psychic exploration as you prefer...There are far more wonders to be achieved through this inward exploration than you can possibly believe." -Seth

Course Information 

This six week facilitated online course is an intensive immersion and experiential exploration into some of the most important concepts and methodology presented in the Seth material. It will include a variety of Seth's "consciousness expansion" and "inner sense" exercises, belief work, dream work, a weekly live online class with the instructor, Seth reading assignments, video taped lectures, and interactive online communication with fellow students. Students will have the opportunity to ask questions using a microphone and headset, and participate in a virtual classroom setting from their own computer. Topics and assigned activities will include:

Practice with Seth's exercises for connecting with the wisdom of the inner self and exploring inner reality.

Conscious creation - The day to day practice of using your unlimited energy to create your ideal life.

The effective manipulation of beliefs, thoughts, emotions and expectations.

Letting Go- Joining with the Spontaneous Self

The "inner senses" and our capacity for "Direct Comprehension".

Expanding your concept of identity and becoming a "new, larger" you.

Reconnecting with the source of your being

How to break free from stubborn cultural limiting belief systems.

Dreams as a doorway to inner knowledge and power.

Stepping out of the official line of consciousness and moving to a more expansive and empowering way of life.

Tuning into "higher" states of consciousness, simultaneous time, reincarnational selves,

Seth's recommended sleep schedule & more.
About the Instructor
Rick Stack, M.S. Ed., was a student of Seth & Jane Roberts and personally attended over 100 Seth sessions given in Jane Roberts' classes in Elmira, NY. He is the President of New Awareness Network Inc., "The Seth Bookstore" ( and publisher/editor of The Seth Audio Collection, The Early Sessions (Books 1-9 of the Seth Material), The Personal Sessions, and other books by Jane Roberts. Author of "Out Of Body Adventures" (Contemporary Books 1988), he has been teaching workshops on the Seth material, Dreams, Out of Body Experiences and metaphysics throughout the United States and abroad for over 35 years. He has been on the faculty of many schools throughout the United States and has appeared on numerous radio and television shows. Over a 20 year period Rick worked with Jane's husband Rob Butts on the publication of previously unpublished Seth material. His current projects include being on the board of advisors for The World Peace Festival Berlin, and a global outreach program to educate and introduce people to the Seth material (
Registration Information
Fee: $250

Note: The live webinars will be recorded, so if you miss any you can go back and watch them at any time.
If you can't make every live class, that's OK, all assignments will be available online, and online activities can be done at your leisure at any time during the week. Detailed simple instructions will be provided on how to log into the live weekly online class. You will need two Seth books which are the textbooks for this course. We recommend using a headset with microphone for the live webinars. You CAN use a telephone instead to call in to the live webinars, but then you will have to pay your phone company for normal long distance rates and it is not as comfortable as using a headset. See next page for course requirement details.

What you need for this course
(We can help you obtain the textbooks if needed, see below)
A computer.
A DSL or Cable internet connection is preferred, though some people have used dial-up
Two Seth books: The Nature of Personal Reality & Seth Speaks by Jane Roberts.
A headset with microphone is recommended but you can use a telephone instead. (but then you will have to pay your phone company for normal long distance rates. Old external mikes are not adequate as they cause external noise and are uncomfortable for other participants to listen to. You can purchase a headset with microphone at any electronic store or online for prices starting at $10-$20.
You will NOT need a computer camera.
NOTE ON PURCHASING BOOKS at 50% OFF : If you register for this course, you are entitled to purchase Seth Speaks and The Nature of Personal Reality at 50% off. To do so , register for this course on our course plus books page by clicking on the following link.  COURSE PLUS BOOKS



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