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Angela Yeung

Hong Kong

"The Seth books have helped me to attain my dream position and triple my income”

Because of Seth, I have started to truly understand myself, and more so, my power. I used my career as the platform to test Seth's theories, and in 40 days I had a career move from a job in hell to one in heaven. 6 months later, I repeated the exercises offered by Seth to work on my thoughts and beliefs and in another 55 days, I attained my dream position and tripled my income.

I now see that life is meant to be joyful and fulfilling, and we are meant to experience everything our hearts desire. In addition to regaining this power which was always available to me, I have become more spontaneous and truly myself, because I am seeing the true identity of me, who is more then my flesh and bones and my intellect. I trust myself more, accept all of my emotions, and feel better to be me every day. Even my friends who have no spiritual practices are telling me I have such intuition that I amaze them all the time. I am excited about applying Seth's teaching to all areas of my life and live happily ever after."

I also highly recommend Rick Stack’s Seth Intensive online course. Rick is great teacher and his class really changes people’s lives in depth.

I live in Hong Kong. My four favorite Seth books are the Seth Material, Seth Speaks, the Nature of Personal Reality and the Magical Approach.

Angela’s Favorite Seth Books:

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