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Glen Payne

Melbourne, Australia

“The Seth material helped me deal with life’s challenges and develop my abilities”

We all want to know why we're here, what happens afterwards and how to live a fulfilling life.  To me, the Seth material provides the most comprehensive, logical and self-consistent explanation.  From a detailed description of the cosmos, to how to stay healthy.  From a unique insight into mankind's history and probable future, to how to reach higher states of awareness.  Seth provides the answers to these questions in a way that is profound, practical and warmly empathetic to the human condition.  But it's not all theory.  Seth gives straightforward exercises and techniques to expand consciousness and enrich life.

On a personal level, the Seth material helps me understand and deal with life's challenges.  It serves as a source of truth to guide me through the maze of conflicting opinion surrounding us.  Most importantly, Seth inspires me to develop my abilities and participate in humanity's journey to a new state of being.    

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