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Dr. Tien-Sheng Hsu

BY Jane Roberts

is the founder of the rapidly expanding Taiwan Seth Culture and Education Foundation, with branches throughout Asia. He is also the founder of the Seth Holistic Clinic in Taipei which treats medical and physical illness using Seth's concepts and principles. The many people who have dramatically improved or healed themselves with the aid of what they learned from Dr Hsu, (and from their own subsequent study of the Seth material) have resulted in a burgeoning interest in the Seth material throughout Asia. As a result of Dr Hsu's work, tens of thousands of people have been introduced to the Seth material and Seth Study groups and lectures continue on an ongoing basis in Malaysia, mainland China, Hong Kong and throughout Taiwan. Dr. Hsu worked as a specialist in family medicine at the Renai branch of the Taipei City Hospital but transferred to psychiatry to gain a deeper understanding of how the human psyche affects the body. After being a psychiatrist at the Taipei City Psychiatric Center, he became the director of the mental health department at the Taipei County Hospital. Dr Hsu is the author of over 13 books and established a publishing company in Taiwan which will be publishing all of the Seth books in Mandarin.

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