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The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events: A Seth Book

BY Jane Roberts

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In this book, Seth discusses how each individual's power to create their reality merges with others "to form mass reactions such as the overthrow of governments, the birth of a new religions, wars, epidemics, earthquakes, and new periods of art, architecture, and technology." Seth pinpoints the unconscious (and often negative) beliefs pervading science and religion, medicine and mythology. According to Seth, the basic goal of any species is quality of life, and not survival as many people believe. Individuals often choose to die together so that "their deaths amount to a mass statement." There is a rhyme and reason behind all mass events. They are the result of belief systems held by many individuals. In this work Seth also introduces his concepts on FRAMEWORK 2, the inner reality which is - " the source of your world". He explains how Framework 2 can be used to change our world for the better. How we can learn to live here "not only as loving caretakers, but as partners with other species…" "… For the natural state of life is one of joy, of acquiescence in which action is effective, and the power to act is a natural right."

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