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The Unknown Reality: A Seth Book (Volume two)

BY Jane Roberts

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Both of these volumes are primarily devoted to the concept of probable realities, a concept originally introduced in SETH SPEAKS. This concept is the metaphysical counterpart of the parallel universe theory presented in Quantum Physics. It is one of the most important and complex concepts contained in the Seth material for it explains the actual mechanics involved in the materialization of events into our daily lives. According to this theory there are other probable versions of history that exist in alternate dimensions. These versions are as real as ours, and each individual has probable selves that exist in these "parallel" universes.

According to Seth, the exploration of the unknown mechanics and dimensions of our being is the next step in our evolutionary development. To a large degree our current world problems are the result of a lack of understanding of the true nature of our being and universe. As Seth states in Volume I, "The Unknown Reality sustains you and the web of life as you understand it. Your conscious concepts must enlarge so that the conscious self can understand its true nature. As you think of it, consciousness is barely - barely - half developed. Portions of the brain not used lie latent, waiting for the recognition that will trigger them into activity…. When this happens… the great… dimensions of spiritualized creaturehood will begin to flower."

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