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Seth Material Q & A: The Spiritual Inner Journey of Self Awareness by Barrie Gellis

by New Awareness Network

Seth Material Q & A: The Spiritual Inner Journey of Self Awareness by Barrie Gellis

Seth Material Q & A: The Spiritual Inner Journey of Self Awareness by Barrie Gellis

by New Awareness Network

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“This book is about the brave inner journey of self-awareness that we all must take. It offers my unique perspective—as a creative thinker, inner traveler and poet who attended Seth class from 1972-1973, and has been studying the material for 47 years as of this writing. I am one of the “New York Boys” that Sue Watkins described in her book Conversations With Seth. Jane Roberts who channeled Seth ushered in the modern new age movement.

“This book is not ONLY for Seth readers—but for EVERYONE who has their own spiritual questions. You need not ever have heard of Seth. I encourage readers to apply their own beliefs to what I say. The book offers help and advice to anyone who is on his/her own inner, spiritual quest, who wants to start one, or who has simply felt an inner tugging—as if something or someone inside is trying to help them understand that there is more to life than our five senses present.“I have been told that I explain metaphysical concepts clearly and creatively--answering difficult and complex questions with insight, compassion and humor to help the medicine go down.“The idea of this book started with the many comments and questions that arose from my online activities and my Seth presentations and interviews—and grew from there. It is heartening and inspiring to discover how I have helped others continue on their own spiritual journeys (see testimonials below).” --Barrie Gellis

Janice Serrano: “Barrie Gellis’ elucidation of the Seth material is like him: spontaneous, funny, thoughtful, thought-provoking, life-affirming, life-giving, freeing, exuberant, soulful, deep. Barrie is like a magician, able to change one into the other, effortlessly and with such skill, grace, style, love, humor and knowledge. He adds to the richness of the Seth material immeasurably, in an inimitable, once-in-a-lifetime-unique kind of style. We're lucky to have him. You couldn't dream of a better person, in this Universe to assist us in our understanding of the Seth material.”

Liza Vernet: Thank you so much for expressing the wholeness of the Seth Material, for giving us an anodyne to the more commercialized half steps of 'the secret', and most importantly for reminding us it all comes back to Love! I have always meant to thank you for your words. As someone said in the conference, you are a truly a Speaker, and so I concur.

Doug Lockhart, former Law Enforcement Officer (Dallas, Texas): As one of the "New York Boys" who sat with Jane in her living room in Elmira, Barrie has tremendous firsthand experience with the original presentations by Seth and Jane. As a poet he has very unique insights into the meanings of those teachings. I look forward to his books on his experiences and the Seth teachings and concepts as a valuable addition to my library.”

Cathleen Palumbo You beautifully present the essence of what we are supposed to be accomplishing here rather than the impatience to get out of here. There is a quality to your voice and the presentation that plucked me out of the theoretical, looked at my life and own qualities, and felt focused. I also felt the importance of my own path.

Katharine Andrews: “First, Barrie, I would like to say thank you! It is a remarkable thing for me to realize, yet again, that there are people who really live their understanding of the material. You have a poet's heart and mind, you have a teacher's talent, and you have a wicked good sense of humor!”

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