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Note: The Seth audio recordings are also available as MP3 digital downloads. To go to the MP3 page click here. Stay on this page for CDs. Scroll down for the complete CD collection. Please note we are no longer shipping physical transcripts with the individual physical CD's. Instead, when purchasing the individual CD's you will also receive a link for downloading the transcript, which you can then print out.

The Individual Seth Session MP3s and CDs are recordings of Seth speaking at Jane Roberts’ classes in the 1970s. Each recording ranges between 45 to 60 minutes and contains one or two Seth sessions, depending on the length of each session. More recordings are currently in production and will be released shortly. Each CD or MP3 comes with a transcript of the session.

What’s the difference between the individual Seth MP3s and CDs & The Seth Audio Collection Vol. I?

The Seth Audio Collection Vol. I, is a compilation of some of the best Seth selections recorded at Jane Roberts' classes, organized into specific subject areas. The Individual Seth Session Recordings are complete Seth sessions recorded at Jane Roberts’ classes. The material published in The Seth Audio Collection Vol. I is not repeated in The Individual Seth Session recordings, which consists of all new, previously unpublished audio material. We recommend beginning with The Seth Audio Collection Vol. I, and then proceeding with The Individual Seth Session Recordings.

What’s the Difference between the Seth audio CDs and The Early Class Session books?

The Early Seth Class Session books consist of Seth class sessions that are different from those published in either The Seth Audio Collection or The Individual Seth CDs and transcripts. The Seth Audio Collection Vol. I and Individual Seth Audio CDs cover the Seth class sessions held in Jane Roberts' “ESP” class from 1972 to 1979. The Early Seth Class Session books will cover the earlier Seth class sessions (from 1967 to the end of 1971) for which we have no audio recordings.

Subjects covered in the Individual MP3s and CDs

Over the course of any individual session, Seth would often discuss a wide variety of topics. And there were certain topics that Seth touched upon in many sessions, such as, working with beliefs, becoming conscious in the dream state, spontaneity, the inner self, and more. Therefore, the description provided next to each MP3/CD is, at best, a very loose guide of the variety of information and knowledge presented by Seth during each session. All of the class sessions contain excellent material. Some of the classes also include Seth or Jane conducting an exploration of consciousness exercise, Sumari Singing, Jane discussing various topics, or Jane reading her poetry.

From Robert Butts, Jane Roberts’ husband and transcriber of the Seth books

“I still find listening to the recordings of the Seth class led by my late wife, Jane Roberts, to be a most evocative experience. I still thrill as I listen to her speak in a trance state for her “energy personality essence,” Seth, addressing all of those students who crowded into our small living room each Tuesday night, back in the 1970s, in Elmira, New York. None of us had any idea that the tapes Rick Stack was so faithfully making of those intimate, exciting gatherings eventually would be made available to a wide audience. I’m more than happy that Rick is publishing these tapes so that Jane/Seth’s great creativity, energy, and humor are open to all who care to listen.” - Robert F. Butts, Elmira, NY 1991

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  • Seth CD #7 - "Safe Universe" Seth Session & Transcript

    Description-One of the most powerful recorded Seth sessions, this audiotape includes: Seth's description of the "official line of consciousness", how to shift to a new framework, exercises, Sumari singing and much more. Definitely one of the very best class sessions! "You have an entire civilization and world set up about those beliefs I have just given you--that the universe is not safe..." -Seth

    Excerpts from The Safe Universe Audio (Seth Audio #7)

    "You have an entire civilization and world set up about those beliefs I have just given you-that the universe is not safe ... that you must defend yourselves from enemies that come from without, and, worse of all , from enemies that are within. As long as you believe that you dwell in a universe that is a threat, you must defend yourself against it .... The official line of consciousness forms a world about it and you perceive and experience that world ... while you devote yourself to that official line of consciousness the world will always appear the same - evil, disastrous, bound only for destruction ... You need not say "The universe is safe" for at your present level, that will only enrage you. You say instead, "I Live in a Safe Universe, " and so you shall. And those defenses that you set up against threats will crumble, for they will not be needed ... The most I can do is to acquaint you with the authority of your own psyche - to give you a trust in the nature of your being. For, if you trust what you are, you can never go wrong in whatever terms you use. You can fly through belief systems as a butterfly flies through back yards

    CDs - $19.00

  • Seth CD #8 - 12/1/70 Seth Session & Transcript

    Description- Seth discusses: how to accelerate spiritual growth; Christ; the importance of abandoning yourself to your spontaneous self; how to feel the joy and vitality of your being; emotions; All That Is; Psychologists; the causes of violence, telepathy in the family, Seth's renowned "flower" analogy, difficulties caused by meddling with your spontaneous self,  B.F. Skinner & The Skinner Box; Good & Evil; Reincarnation, the multi-dimensional personality.

    CDs - $19.00

  • Seth CD #9 - 8/31/71 Seth Session & Transcript

    Description- This tape includes two exercises, one conducted by Seth and one conducted by Jane. Seth's exercise involves experiencing your multidimensionality, and feeling the joy and power of your inner self. Jane's exercise is an "adventures in consciousness" exercise to "other levels of reality". Seth also discusses: The physical body as a hallucination, how living spontaneously can lead to extra energy, creating "conscious forms" that are extensions of you. etc. Jane discusses Helper (an energy being that she worked with for healing others), dreams, and becoming conscious in the dream state.

    CDs - $19.00

  • Seth CD #10 - 3/21/72 Seth Session plus Transcript

    Description- Seth discusses: Seeking peak experiences and joy; why many people are frightened by strong emotions of joy or love, the erroneous concept of sin; "None of your sins are that great to begin with, and the word sin was coined by mankind and is highly distorted;" spontaneity; the erroneous belief that "evil' is powerful and good is weak; the gods did not conceive the universe in sorrow; aggressive energy; working out problems; good & evil; emotions; joy; Includes SUMARI SINGING.

    CDs - $19.00

  • Seth CD #11 - 5/2/72 & 5/9/72 Seth Session plus Transcript

    Description- "Secret Night"-Seth discusses; Physical reality as the mirror of consciousness; "Demons"; Older & Younger versions of yourself exist now; Honoring yourself as you honor the Gods; The individual as a unique pattern of energy from ALL THAT IS; The eternal meaning & purpose of each individual; Your thoughts affect worlds that you aren't aware of; Singing to the universe freely & filled with joy, Thoughts which we pretend not to hear.

    CDs - $19.00

  • Seth CD #12- 6/13/72 & 8/29/72 Seth Session & Transcript

    Description- This tape includes a session attended by Richard Bach, best-selling author of "ONE" and "Johnathan Livingston Seagull". Seth talks to Richard Bach about feeling the energy of his being, includes a Sumari song of welcome to Richard Bach. Seth discusses: How to stop closing down certain feelings and emotions, allowing emotions mobility, how to experience "Happiness". Simultaneous time, reincarnation, How to understand your being, Sumari singing.

    CDs - $19.00

  • Seth CD #13- 9/12/72 Seth Session & Transcript

    Description- Seth Discusses: communicating with a "reincarnational" self, "Health foods", Recognizing your joy, the meaning of sound, the "shape" and "color" of sound, sounds forming worlds, Trusting yourself, those who speak of repentance and sin are not ready for Seth, How Seth comes through Jane, Mediums, Listening to the voice within you, the vitality of being speaks far more in joy than in sorrow, your being in inner and outer reality, Inner and outer reality are really the same. SUMARI SINGING and talking.

    CDs - $19.00

  • Seth CD #14 - 10/17/72 Seth Session plus Transcript

    Description- Seth Discusses: "Secret" techniques and the "forbidden" power, knowledge and wisdom, the "knowledge" is not for the few, but for the multitudes, Seth answers the question "Is there a God?", The Sumari language, how Sumari leads you beyond words, understanding the inner reality of objects, using forbidden words like "fuck", etc. , Jane talks to Rick and Rich about their former "Gnostic" teacher, Jane gives the class a written homework assignment on beliefs. SUMARI SINGING and talking.

    CDs - $19.00

  • Seth CD #15-11/7/72 & 11/21/72 Seth Session & Transcript

    Description- Seth discusses: The causes of war, Unilateral disarmament, Reality as a replica of your thoughts, How to put an end to war, Seth comments on "draft dodging", Seth gives the class a "Prime" belief to focus on and recommends scratching out all beliefs that conflict with it, Seth discusses: Beliefs, Invisible beliefs, Beliefs about worth, being fat, loneliness, poverty, Discovering and Changing beliefs, "perfection", transferring feeling of success to other areas, Feeling the joy of your being, The potentials of the conscious mind, Jane translates Sumari, Seth gives the class a written homework assignment on beliefs. SUMARI singing.

    CDs - $19.00

  • Seth CD #16-12/5/72 & 12/19/72 Seth Session & Transcript

    Description- Includes "The Christmas class", Seth Discusses: Christmas, Christ, Santa Claus, The rebirth of the self, the inner self, Probable selves, life after death, Pan, Buddha, religious "Myths", when you think the myths are reality they can entrap you, trusting your flesh, Christmas trees and what they experience, Beliefs about good and evil, violence, feeling the vitality within the atoms and molecules of your body, speaking kindly to yourselves, people who are blind, What to do if your feeling despondent, The ego as a portion of the inner self, valuing the ego, why people find it difficult to look within, rejecting beliefs about guilt, original sin and evil, displaying emotion, Feeling the vitality, laughter and joy that is your being. JANE reads two of her poems. SUMARI SINGING

    CDs - $19.00

  • Seth CD #17 - 2/6/73 Seth Session plus Transcript

    Description- Seth Discusses: Transcendental experiences, gurus, Western and Eastern schools of thought, psychologists and therapy, LSD and Doctors who work with LSD, false prophets, how to correctly use the conscious mind, studying "happy "people and carrying on the work of Maslow, ego expansion versus ego annihilation in "transcendent" states of consciousness, learning how to enjoy, understand and accept your creature-hood, you are a god couched in flesh, teaching children about dreams and out of body experiences, working out aggressions through dream therapy, why the expression of love can become inhibited, dealing with anger.

    CDs - $19.00

  • Seth CD #18 - 3/6/73 & 3/27/73 Seth Session plus Transcript

    Description- Seth gives a belief examination assignment, Seth discusses: Religion, the problems with organized religion, the Inquisition, the Crusades, the ends do not justify the means, beliefs we hide from ourselves because our other beliefs do not find them acceptable, working through so-called negative beliefs, opening natural pathways to inner reality, no one is at the mercy of another's thoughts or desires, helping the world by fulfilling yourself, Buddha, SUMARI SINGING (Song of Aspects" & A Backward (Time) Sumari Song")

    CDs - $19.00

  • Seth CD #19 - 4/24/73 & 5/8/73 Seth Session plus Transcript

    Description- Seth Discusses:The spirituality of your creaturehood, appreciating the miraculous nature of your own being, What is "rock-bed" reality, How to get answers that are beyond words, Limiting beliefs about physical reality, Limiting beliefs about responsibility, "The Gods created the universe out of joy, not because they had to...Being yourself automatically fulfills any responsibility..", How to get answers that are beyond words. SUMARI SINGING (Song of Unasked Questions & A Transparent Sumari Song")

    CDs - $19.00

  • Seth CD #20 - 5/22/73 & 6/26/73 Seth Session plus Transcript

    Description- Seth discusses: Dream classes, a dream exercise to meet your own creators, your greatest ally-the inner self, , your dreaming self trying to "remember" your waking self, the beliefs behind an accident in which Rick walked through a plate glass window, "kundalini fire", trusting your joy and integrity, Gurdjieff, the human being as a surprise package, recongnizing your own incredible magic and joy.

    CDs - $19.00

  • Seth CD #21 - 6/5/73 & 7/31/73 Seth Session plus Transcript

    Description- Seth discusses: rock concerts, telepathy, so-called "perfect masters," the inadequacies of science, accelerating your consciousness, tuning into your "higher" intellect, opening channels that are inherent in creaturehood that bring you through your creaturehood and into other dimensions, gods couched in creaturehood, the importance of forming questions for yourself in other than verbal terms.
    SUMARI SINGING- Song entitled "A Math Problem."

    CDs - $19.00

  • Seth CD #22 - 8/21/73 & 11/6/73 Seth Session plus Transcript

    Description- Seth Discusses: Lucid Dreaming, bringing your waking consciousness with you into the dream state, your unlimited power and freedom, connecting with your dreaming self, being a God in training, God concepts and ALL THAT IS, the magic of your being, the "dreaming" portions of your reality, using dreams, being reassured by your dreaming selves, how to discover the truths of your being.

    CDs - $19.00

  • Seth CD #23 - 9/4/73 & 12/11/73 Seth Session plus Transcript

    Description- Seth Discusses: Marijuana, Christ, Buddha, bringing your waking consciousness into the dream state, how dreamwork can help you to create your reality, how to discover your beliefs by examining your conscious thoughts, the playfulness of the gods, seeing the truth behind and within all beliefs, perceiving the glorious integrity of any person, the teachings of Gurdjieff, work and play.
    SUMARI SINGING - "Song of the Instant Moment."

    CDs - $19.00

  • Seth CD #24 - 9/18/73 & 3/7/72 Seth Session plus Transcript

    Description- Seth discusses: How to get answers to any question, realizing emotionally, not just intellectually, that you form your reality, the fears that interfere with spiritual progress, until you free yourself you cannot free others, people who claim to have the only truth, different ways of dying and why people create them, violent death, understanding how many current limiting beliefs are not negative but simply obsolete, beliefs as ingredients, no one has power over anyone else, Seth gives a belief examination exercise, there are no accidents, you cannot force a belief on another person, be as gentle to yourselves as you would be to a beloved friend.

    CDs - $19.00

  • Seth CD #25 - 11/13/73 Seth Session plus Transcript

    Description- Seth discusses: the inner and outer universe, entity names, global energy and the real cause of energy shortages, beliefs of the dark ages, learning to handle the creativity of the gods that we really are, the importance of finding your own answers, black holes, white holes, event horizons, probable events, free will could not exist without the nature of probabilities, how we choose certain events to make real from an infinite number of interior events, accidents, you make the script of you life<br>SUMARI SINGING - Song entitled "Song of Inner Roads"

    CDs - $19.00

  • Seth CD #26 - 12/4/73 & 12/18/73 Seth Session plus Transcript

    Description- Seth discusses: How to tune into the Higher Intellect and the Spacious Mind, connecting with your multidimensional being-your entity, class members are given their entity names, freeing yourself of conventional beliefs, letting yourself go- forgetting must, and shall, and should and recognizing the miracle of your own being, the erroneous belief that the prime purpose of the intellect is to criticize, how to use your intellect like a beam of light leading your imagination and your emotion, there is greatness in each of you, excellence, facing each other honestly in relationships, not dribbling away your energy, not allowing yourself to be used by others, not leaning on other, accepting responsibility for yourself and using your abilities, our future selves and how they send messages back to our present selves.

    CDs - $19.00

  • Seth CD #27 - 10/9/73 & 1/3/74 Seth Session plus Transcript

    Description - Seth Discusses: The importance of trusting your energy and the "Ground of Your Being;" Healing; Seth speaks to a woman with Hodgkins disease about how to heal herself; how to change/improve the past; how to use your point of power in the present to create great realities; there is no predestination. Seth quotes from this session - "There have been those who taught you to cringe before them. I challenge you to stand up in awe before yourselves and to face the joyous challenge of your own abilities. . . " & "There is nothing wrong with your own nature against which you must defend yourself. If you saw yourself as I see you, as the self that you are, you would trust the ground of your being." Includes SUMARI SINGING - Song entitled "Song of Joy and Regeneration of the Molecules."

    CDs - $19.00

  • Seth CD #28 - 1/22/74 Seth Session plus Transcript

    Seth discusses: All That Is, Asian philosophies, nirvana, popes, the Catholic church, becoming a conscious co-creator, the continuity of individuality after death, Individuality and All That Is; Sample Quotes - "in the glorification and realization of your own individuality, do you therefore know what God is, for God manifests himself through what you are. And if he wanted always to be One, and not individualistic, then he would have remained latent and never materialized in individual form; "...And when you deny your individuality, you deny a corner of God's mind and put up a black cloud even through His knowing." ; " "The boundaries of the self are your own. The self is not limited. Now when I say the self is not limited, you may think that it will bleed outward and become everything else, and therefore lose what it is. Instead, however, the self reestablishes its individuality, becomes more what it is - and not less. It becomes more what you are and not less;" Includes SUMARI SINGING - Song entitled, "Song of Specifics".span>

    CDs - $19.00

  • Seth CD #29 - 1/29/74 Seth Session plus Transcript

    Description - Seth conducts the class in an extremely powerful exercise exploring your "advanced" selves which exist now in the distant future (in accordance with Seth' s concepts of simultaneous time), as well as the "simple" selves which exist in the distant past, and from which we emerged, Seth discusses: Who is Seth?, Intellect and intuition, how society teaches that the intellect must always question what the intuitions already know, steps leading to the further reaches of yourself, the Hindu myth of Vishnu, Karma-the same theory as original sin but in new clothes. SUMARI SINGING - Song entitled "A Math Problem".

    CDs - $19.00

  • Seth CD #30 - 1/16/73 Seth Session plus Transcript

    Seth discusses - Overcoming insomnia, revolution, marijuana, the effects of LSD, Hitler, the ends do not justify the means, religious beliefs about sin and penance, there are no accidents, fear of negative thoughts, anger, suppressing any emotion leads to suppressing all emotions to some degree, the crime of rape and its connection to fears and anger, All That Is.  SUMARI SONG OF NO CONTESTS

    CDs - $19.00

  • Seth CD #31 - 1/23/73 & 1/30/73 Seth Session plus Transcript

    Seth discusses - Sex, Meditation, the sorcerer Don Juan from the Carlos Castaneda books, a “Gnostic” teacher, a different interpretation of a “crucifix”, Children and their spontaneous expression of emotion,  self-sacrifice as leading to a distortion of the truth within you, original sin, there is no “karma” in terms of guilt, SUMARI SINGING

    CDs - $19.00

  • Seth CD #32 - 2/19/74 & 2/20/73 Seth Session plus Transcript

    Seth Discusses - Probable realities, Seth’s book entitled “The Unknown Reality”, A probable (parallel) universe in which Kennedy was not assasinated, the adventure of learning about probable (parallel) realities,  faith, your limitless energy, the reality of your being behind your beliefs, the board game called “Risk”, the truth about your identity, the inner world, SUMARI SINGING

    CDs - $19.00

  • Seth CD #33 - 3/5/74 & 5/23/72 Seth Session plus Transcript

    Description - Seth discusses: Simultaneous time, how to overcome depression, society, the "government," taxes, the president'' cheating and lying, understanding without words, repression of emotion, accepting the authority of your own being. Sumari Singing

    CDs - $19.00

  • Seth CD #34 - 3/12/74 & 4/4/72 Seth Session & Transcript

    Description - Seth discusses: Edgar Cayce, Mermaids, Sexual mores, Streaking (Current Fad of Running in the nude, the reasons behind the taboos against incest, the birth of a new human species that consciously creates it's reality, Intutive information, Sumari Song of yourself & Sumari Song of Creation II.

    CDs - $19.00

  • Seth CD #35 - 3/19/74 & 5/16/72 Seth Session plus Transcript

    Description - Great section on emotion, anger, love, and how fear of so-called negative emotions result in repression, religion, God concepts as rerepresentative of the level of humankind's conciousness, why western civilization manufactored a God that was crucified, why some people are afraid of inscects, SUMARI

    CDs - $19.00

  • Seth CD #36 - 4/16/74 & 7/18/72 Seth Session plus Transcript

    Seth discusses: Sexuality, the development and purpose of ego consciousness, the deeper reasons for the existence of males and females, sexuality in relation to science and religion, projection upon the opposite sex, being "Carried Along" by the energy of your being, THERE ARE NO ACCIDENTS, YOU FORM THE SLIGHTEST ASPECT OF YOUR EXPERIENCE, Sumari Singing & talking followed by Seth's commentary.

    CDs - $19.00

  • Seth CD #37 - 5/21/74 Seth Session plus Transcript

    Seth discusses: The "Naked Class" during which Jane and a number of students disrobed. Seth discusses: Your responsibility to have fun, different ways people choose to die, the physical body, nudity, facades we erect, THESE REALIZATIONS HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH TIME…THEY CAN COME IN A TWINKLING, when you help others because you think you must, but it goes against the grain, Sumari Singing and Talking.

    CDs - $19.00

  • Seth CD #38 - 5/28/74 & 8/22/72 Seth Session plus Transcript

    Seth discusses: Seth assigns “The Gates of Horn” dream exercise, a powerful exercise originating in ancient egypt to "harmonize the portions of your being", Seth discusses - protecting your joy and exuberance, clothes, nakedness, the way we view our own bodies, beliefs about responsibility versus fun, trusting your emotions, hate, love, and animals.

    CDs - $19.00

  • Seth CD #39 - 6/11/74 & 10/31/72 Seth Session plus Transcript

    Seth discusses: The problems in the middle east, developing a new kind of consciousness, becoming a conscious co-creator with All That Is, abundance, overpopulation, hunger, brotherhood, recognizing your own immortality, the end never justifies the means, your identity is not swallowed by a super-god or super-self.

    CDs - $19.00

  • Seth CD #40 - 6/18/74 Seth Session plus Transcript

    Seth gives us a belief-examination homework assignment, Seth discusses: we each have an "earth god" within us, there is no "inability" to let yourself go, there is a conscious choice not to let yourself go, true human nature is one of cooperation, thinking in terms like ESP is "kindergarten," your cells have precognitive knowledge, spanking a child, slapping a child in the face, All That Is loves individuals, your being cannot be invaded or superseded by others unless you acquiesce, Sumari Singing.

    CDs - $19.00

  • Seth CD #41 - 7/9/74 & 12/12/72 Seth Session plus Transcript

    Seth gives us an exercise for directing energy and manifesting, Seth gives us a belief examination homework assignment, Seth discusses: contradictory emotions & impulses, trusting yourself , making errors, flowing with your being, the ramifications of putting the idea of God outside of yourself, no contradiction between spontaneity and responsibility, throwing aside all barriers, LSD, the terms anima, animus and shadow, the ego is not a stupid relative, there are no secret messages, Sumari Singing.

    CDs - $19.00

  • Seth CD #42 - 12/2/78 Seth Session plus Transcript

    Seth discusses: Abortion, sexuality, homosexuality, fanatics, dream art scientists, mental physicists, Reverend Jones and the mass cult suicide in “Jonestown”, Anita Bryant (Singer & beauty pageant winner who became known for strong views against homosexuality in 1977), your Earth is mental creation of others, banking upon yourself, how to experience your reality without impediments, the meaning of your humanity, the sumari city.

    CDs - $19.00

  • Seth CD #43 - 6/19/73 Seth Session plus Transcript

    (Note: This CD also contains a 3 minute inspiring talk by Jane Roberts (as herself) Seth discusses: The “wise old man” and “eternal child” within, Dreams as the other side of waking life,  the importance of writing down your dreams, how to remember dreams, why people forget dreams, when you know your entire self you will be pleased,  physical life as a dream that you are awake,  the inner self, probable realities,  there is nothing in All That Is to be afraid of, “it is only when you do not know yourself that you fear you are evil and are afraid to look within,” Includes Sumari Singing

    CDs - $19.00

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