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Creating a Slimmer, Healthier You

Course starts February 7, 2024

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An estimated 45 million Americans go on a diet each year, yet nearly two-thirds of Americans remain overweight or obese. If reaching and maintaining a healthy weight were just a matter of dieting, this would not be the case. This course offers a wider approach, one that includes understanding the psychological and spiritual issues that are involved. It will show you how to grow in these psychological and spiritual areas so that you can create lifelong change in what Seth refers to as “your most intimate production,” your physical body.

Seth’s teachings can indeed be effectively used to reach and maintain the weight you want, and to create a lasting healthy fit body, as your formerly overweight instructor, Irene O’Garden, has proven.

This course will include a weekly live online class with the instructor in which participants can ask questions, videotaped lectures, an immersion into relevant teachings from Seth, applicable Seth exercises, Seth reading assignments, a course forum for online communication with fellow students, and instruction on the beliefs and behaviors that facilitate lasting weight loss, fitness, and well-being.

Topics and assigned activities will include:

  • How your thoughts, beliefs and emotions create the blueprint for your body
  • How science supports “the Biochemistry of Beliefs”
  • Personal stories of the instructors own challenges with overeating and being overweight, and her creative solutions
  • Finding and changing the beliefs that affect your weight and fitness
  • How your feelings affect your behavior
  • Enhancing your sense of worth
  • Science-based tips to overcome overeating from stress
  • Seth’s teachings on comfort foods, health foods, preparing meals, timing meals and vitamins.
  • Seth and science on exercise, yoga, and relaxation; and what might work for you
  • How to build healthy habits
  • How to handle an urge
  • How to apply your power of suggestion
  • How listening to your Inner Self and intuitions can help you create fitness
Creating a Slimmer, Healthier You

It doesn’t matter how long you have believed that your weight is an issue. You may have struggled for a lifetime with weight and body image, or you may have packed on some pounds as you approached middle age. Whatever your situation, you are not alone in what you feel and how you have behaved around food.


You will need a copy of The Nature of Personal Reality which is the textbook for this course and available at 50% off at time of registration. (If you have the ebook version that’s fine.)

Irene O’Garden

has been studying, using, and creatively presenting the Seth material for over forty years. After decades of struggle with overeating and being overweight, she was able to successfully apply Seth’s principles to maintain a loss of sixty pounds and create a lasting healthy fit body. Irene is an Off-Broadway playwright, poet and author of several books, including Fat Girl (Harper), her memoir about this issue and the critically acclaimed play Women On Fire (Samuel French), nominated for a Lucille Lortell Award; and her most recent memoir, Risking the Rapids (Mango).

Dates: Course starts Wednesday February 7, 2024 and ends March 5, 2024.
Live online classes are a part of the course and will be held on Wednesday nights.
Online webinars held 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM Eastern Time.
Webinar dates: Wednesday nights, Wednesday nights, February 7, 14, 21, 28, 2024

Course fee: $125
To Register by phone or for questions:
Call 516-869-9108, M-F 10:00 AM-4:00 PM Eastern Time

If you can’t make every live class, that’s OK, they are all recorded for replay, and all assignments and online activities can be done at your leisure at any time during the week. Simple instructions will be provided on how to join the live weekly online class. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions using a telephone or headset and participate in a virtual classroom setting from their own computer, tablet or mobile phone.

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