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New Awareness Network Inc., and The Seth Educational Institute

New Awareness Network Inc., was founded in 1988 by Rick Stack, a friend and student of Seth and Jane Roberts. Jane Roberts passed over in 1984. The original focus of New Awareness Network was to work with Jane’s husband, Rob Butts, on his pledge to his wife to publish all of the Seth material. Over a period of 20 years, that pledge was largely fulfilled (with the exception of a small amount of material) and New Awareness published 22 Seth books, 41 Seth audio CDs, and other Seth-related books by Jane Roberts. Over the years, the focus of New Awareness Network Inc. has broadened to include educational opportunities and resources as described below.

The Complete Collection of Seth Books and Audio CDs by Jane Roberts

New Awareness Network published approximately two-thirds of the existing Seth material and offers most of its titles exclusively on the website. We also offer all other Seth book titles by Jane Roberts. is the only source for the complete collection of Seth books by Jane Roberts and The Seth Audio CD Collection.

The Seth Online Intensive Course, Seth Conferences, and The New York City Seth Class

New Awareness Network Inc’s. educational branch, The Seth Educational Institute, offers Seth online courses, Seth conferences, and an ongoing Seth class in New York City.

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