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New Awareness Network Inc., a publisher of the Seth books by Jane Roberts, in association with The Seth Educational Institute, offers Online Seth Courses, Seth Conferences and a live Seth class in New York City. Our Conferences include outstanding presenters and our courses are taught by Rick Stack, a friend and student of Seth & Jane Roberts who personally attended over 100 Seth sessions in Jane Roberts' class in the 1970's.

Online Interactive Course Instructor Rick Stack

The Online Seth Intensive Course

Next course starts Oct 9, 2019

Lucid Dream Retreat
Instructors Robert Wagner and David Cielak

Seth Dream & Lucid Dream Retreat

Starts November 8, 2019

The 2019 Online Global Seth Conference (Available on demand)

Outstanding Presenters Including Eben Alexander,
Dr Hsu, Dean Radin, Annie Kagan, Rick Stack,
and many more.

Online Interactive Course Instructor David Cielak

The Online Seth and Dreams Course

Next course starts May 1, 2019

Rick Stack’s Ongoing New York City Seth Class

Seth Class in New York City

Every other Tuesday night from 7:00 - 9:00 pm


The Artwork of Robert F Butts

(Jane Robert’s Husband and
Co-Creator of the Seth Books)

Fine art graphics of the classic oil paintings of
Robert F. Butts

New Awareness Network Exclusive Seth Collection
Early & Personal Sessions & CD's are only sold here

“The Early Sessions”

Books 1 - 9 of The Seth Material
First 510 Sessions

“The Personal Sessions”

Books 1 - 7 of
The Deleted Seth Material

The Seth Bookstore

The Complete Works of Seth & Jane Roberts

Out of Body Experiences

Learn how to induce out of body

New to Seth?

Seth Beginner Books & Specials

The Best Books and Seth Audios to start your study of the Seth Material

Featured Products:

Spiritual Prescriptions For Healing 10 Diseases and Challenges ( A Seth Companion Book)
$19.95 30% off
Our Price: $14.04
Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul
$18.95 40% off
Our Price: $11.38
The Nature of Personal Reality: A Seth Book
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The Seth Material
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The Secret to Healing Cancer: A Seth Companion Book
$15.95 12% off
Our Price: $14.04
The Early Sessions: Book 1 of the Seth material


Portrait of Seth


نظرية سث من قبل جين روبرتس The Seth Material - In Arabic
$21.95 73% off
Our Price: $6.00
Psychic Politics


Seth Voices

See how Seth is changing lives! And, share your Seth experiences on Twitter using the hashtag #SethVoices

    • Angela Yeung
    • Hong Kong
    • Glen Payne
    • Melbourne,Australia
    • Joyce Kilmarten
    • Rhode Island
    • Liz Purvis
    • Vancouver, Canada
    • Rich Bobruk
    • Somerset, UK
    • Gregory Elam
    • Melbourne, Australia
    • Cheryl Maloney
    • Oregon
    • Glen Payne3
    • Melbourne,Australia
    • Joyce Kilmarten3
    • Rhode Island


The Seth & Jane Roberts Bookstore is the only source that offers the complete collection of Seth Books and Seth related books by Jane Roberts, The Seth Audio Collection,and previously unpublished Seth material. is also the place to register for
The Online Seth Intensive Course, purchase tickets to the
Annual Celebrating Seth Conferences in New York and Los Angeles, and sign up for Rick Stack’s Bi-Monthly
New York City Seth Class.

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