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Joyce Kilmarten

Rhode Island, US

I came upon the Seth material in the mid-1980s and have read and worked with all of the material continually since then. What I learned from reading Seth made more sense to me than all the things I learned from the religion in which I was raised or from the educational systems in which I was schooled. So I decided to give Seth’s ideas a chance and my life just keeps getting better. I live in abundance in every respect, from relationships to career opportunities, to creative outlets, health, and more. I have so many synchronicities happening that I have to keep a special journal to collect them all—they are fun and wonderful. My dream life is rich and helpful too. Things are not always “perfect” but I have figured out how to learn from problems and move on from them very quickly. I sense that Seth’s ideas have worked their way into the world and want to be someone who helps bring us to the tipping point.

I live in Rhode Island and have a grown daughter who is part of a new generation of Seth readers. My favorite Seth concept is Value Fulfillment.

Joyce’s Favorite Seth Books:

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