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The Out of Body Induction Audio Program CD's
(4 Exercises on Two CD's )

BY Rick Stack

Two CD's
This program, created by Rick Stack, can be used with or without Rick's Book, Out of Body Adventures. It consists of four exercises. Each exercise is designed to program the listener to have a fully conscious Out of Body Experience and to then participate in various activities while outside the physical body. Generally the exercises are performed just before going to sleep and program you for an Out of Body Experience from the sleep state.


Exercise 1: THE OUT OF BODY FLYING INDUCTION. This exercise is designed to induce an Out of Body in which you will experience the exhilarating art of flying while separated from your physical body.
Exercise 2: THE INNER REALITY TRAINING CENTER. This exercise is designed to induce an Out of Body Experience in which you will find yourself fully conscious in a classroom in inner reality. The exercise will introduce you to non-physical teachers and extraordinary inner learning environments.
Exercise 3: MEETING REINCARNATIONAL SELVES AND TIME TRAVEL. This exercise is designed to induce an Out of Body Experience in which you will travel through time and meet a reincarnational self face-to-face, while fully conscious and separated from your physical body.
Exercise 4: MEETING YOUR INNER SELF. This is an extremely powerful exercise designed to induce an Out of Body Experience in which you will connect with your Inner Self. The Out of Body state offers a unique opportunity to communicate directly with other aspects of your being in inner reality. Whether we call it the soul, higher self, or whatever, we are all multi-dimensional beings. This exercise can help you tap into the vast wisdom of your own greater existence.

Rick Stack, author of Out of Body Adventures: 30 Days to the Most Exciting Experience of Your Life, has taught courses on Out of Body Experiences, Lucid Dreams, the Seth material and consciousness studies in the United States and abroad for over 35 years. He was a friend and student of Seth and Jane Roberts and personally attended over 100 Seth session in Jane's classes in the 1970's.


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