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Cheryl Maloney


“The Seth material has enabled me to finally find a place of peace in my life”

For the last few years I've been studying about the Law of Attraction.  Just about anyone working in this field refers to Jane Roberts & Seth and I realized that I needed to dig deeper into their teachings.  In the last year as I've explored Seth I felt like I’ve moved from a pop culture phenomenon to a Harvard education.  Utilizing the Seth books, Rick’s Stack’s lectures and Seth Intensive Course & the Seth course forums has enabled me to trust myself and to begin eliminating the beliefs that no longer serve me. myself.  I'm a firm believer that our soul speaks to us and if we would just be quiet and listen that we'd find ourselves in a better place.  It has taken me focusing on the Seth material and integrating it into my daily routine that has enabled me to finally find a place of peace in my life. 

My favorite Seth books so far are Seth Speaks, the Nature of Personal Reality and the Magical Approach. These are the ones that I have read and am re-reading.  And every time I do I discover something new that deepens my understanding.  


Cheryl’s Favorite Seth Books:

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