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Adventures In Consciousness by Jane Roberts

BY Jane Roberts

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This book is an attempt by Jane Roberts to expand our concept of consciousness - to create a new psychology. She accepts as normal the existence of precognitive dreams, out-of-body experiences, revelatory information, alterations of consciousness, peak experiences, trance mediumship, and other psychological and psychic events possible in human behavior. She presents a framework in which these experiences can be viewed as valid psychological experiences, themselves neither good nor bad, but expressions of the personality as it struggles to come to grips with its spiritual and creature nature.

She utilizes different levels of awareness to examine the nature of the psyche and its reality. She starts from a conscious state, and from that stage she programs herself to journey to other portions of the personality, and view "reality" from their viewpoint, and with their own kinds of perception. To that end, she examines her own trance material, and scrutinizes Seth's reality as it appears in her experience, and in his behavior and writings.

In ADVENTURES OF CONSCIOUSNESS, Jane Roberts creates an alternate map of reality, with a new diagram of the psyche to be used by all journeyers of consciousness.


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