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Gregory Elam

Melbourne, Australia

When people are initially exposed to the Seth material, I imagine they might regard it as mystical, magical fantasy-a utopian like philosophy that one would find in a story book. This reaction is understandable given the cultural conditioning in our society. A conditioning of beliefs and expectations that are limiting and downright false and which amount to a self created mental prison. To break out of this self imposed prison takes a leap of faith-faith in ones self. After studying the Seth material, I have found myself in a completely new environment of self appreciation, self reliance and confidence. Fears and anger have mostly been banished.  My entire life has improved in every area and continues to get better with continued application of what is my own new higher consciousness and awareness. Thanks to being pointed in the right direction by Seth and the faith in myself that has been brought to the surface by his urging. Everyone must do this for themselves-one must do the work to achieve results. The results are spectacular!                                                                             

Gregory’s Favorite Seth Books:

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