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Seth CD #26 - 12/4/73 & 12/18/73 Seth Session plus Transcript

BY Jane Roberts

Description- Seth discusses: How to tune into the Higher Intellect and the Spacious Mind, connecting with your multidimensional being-your entity, class members are given their entity names, freeing yourself of conventional beliefs, letting yourself go- forgetting must, and shall, and should and recognizing the miracle of your own being, the erroneous belief that the prime purpose of the intellect is to criticize, how to use your intellect like a beam of light leading your imagination and your emotion, there is greatness in each of you, excellence, facing each other honestly in relationships, not dribbling away your energy, not allowing yourself to be used by others, not leaning on other, accepting responsibility for yourself and using your abilities, our future selves and how they send messages back to our present selves.


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