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Seth CD #27 - 10/9/73 & 1/3/74 Seth Session plus Transcript

BY Jane Roberts

Description - Seth Discusses: The importance of trusting your energy and the "Ground of Your Being;" Healing; Seth speaks to a woman with Hodgkins disease about how to heal herself; how to change/improve the past; how to use your point of power in the present to create great realities; there is no predestination. Seth quotes from this session - "There have been those who taught you to cringe before them. I challenge you to stand up in awe before yourselves and to face the joyous challenge of your own abilities. . . " & "There is nothing wrong with your own nature against which you must defend yourself. If you saw yourself as I see you, as the self that you are, you would trust the ground of your being." Includes SUMARI SINGING - Song entitled "Song of Joy and Regeneration of the Molecules."


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