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Collection: The Early Sessions (book 1)



 By Jane Roberts
Book 1 thru Book 9 now available.

The Early Sessions is the material given by Seth in the first 6 years of his relationship with Jane Roberts and her husband Rob Butts. It consists of the first 510 Seth sessions dictated by Seth and it is anticipated that it will be published in 8-10 volumes. The majority of "The Early Session" material has never been published in any form. It contains great new material and insights from Seth on a vast array of topics. The numerous gems of Seth's wisdom contained in these books will delight Seth enthusiasts for years to come and add to the already substantial impact that The Seth Material has had on "New Age" and Metaphysical thought. In addition to the intrinsic value of the material, The Early Sessions show the actual evolution of the Seth material, the first questions asked by Jane and Rob, and the detailed exposition by Seth of his philosophy and vision.


I'm tremendously pleased that Rick Stack, the proprietor of New Awareness Network Inc., is publishing the eight-to-ten-volume set of The Early Sessions... Having this set published for the record is something I've long wanted to see take place, and Rick's dedicated interest and time make it possible. Jane died on September 5,1984, at the age of 55. When she was close to death she asked me to publish all of her work.... My wife was-and is, I know, for I'm sure that she still lives-the most creative person I've ever met, and through her extraordinary abilities she's left a body of work that I regard as a legacy of inquiry about our understanding of ourselves and our reality. In my opinion its "true value" is only now coming to be better acknowledged... These eight to ten volumes are meant to show Jane's and my growth-in the most literal way-but always that of my wife, above all else. From the start we felt that if our "psychic" work had value it should be presented as is, within all of its human connotations; not only its great successes, but with its groupings and mistakes, its questions and learnings along the way. Not edited or prettied up, but as is. Real. I still feel that way. These 510 sessions, then, are exact copies from the verbatim transcripts I made in my homemade shorthand while Jane spoke for Seth...
Robert F. Butts, Elmira, New York, January 1996

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