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The Online Seth Intensive Course

Course Starts October 4, 2023

Webinars held Wednesdays at 7:30PM Eastern Time


  • Live webinars
  • Videos
  • Assignments
  • Seth’s exercises
  • Online community and more!

“Now you may call this a spiritual or psychological or psychic exploration as you prefer…There are far more wonders to be achieved through this inward exploration than you can possibly believe.” - Seth

Rick Stack on the Seth Intensive Course

An in-home learning experience, with instructor Rick Stack, including live online interactive webinars.

This six week facilitated online course is an intensive immersion and experiential exploration into some of the most important concepts and methodology presented in the Seth material. It will include a variety of Seth’s “consciousness expansion” and “inner sense” exercises, belief work, dream work, a weekly live online class with the instructor, Seth reading assignments, video taped lectures, and interactive online communication with fellow students. Students will have the opportunity to ask questions using a telephone or headset, and participate in a virtual classroom setting from their own computer.

Topics and assigned activities will include:

  • Practice with Seth’s exercises for connecting with the wisdom of the inner self and exploring inner reality
  • Conscious creation - The day to day practice of using your unlimited energy to create your ideal life
  • The effective manipulation of beliefs, thoughts, emotions and expectations
  • Letting Go - Joining with the Spontaneous Self
  • The “inner senses” and our capacity for “Direct Comprehension” Expanding your concept of identity and becoming a “new, larger” you
  • Reconnecting with the source of your being
  • How to break free from stubborn cultural limiting belief systems
  • Dreams as a doorway to inner knowledge and power
  • Stepping out of the official line of consciousness and moving to a more expansive and empowering way of life
  • Tuning into “higher” states of consciousness, simultaneous time, reincarnational selves
  • Seth’s recommended sleep schedule & more.

Comments from Past Participants

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"Rick's online course brought the Seth material alive in a new and powerful way for me. Even after repeated reading of the books, the online course allowed me to assimilate the material in a concrete and useful way. The videos, reading, live webinars and exercises work together beautifully to experience the Seth material in a way that reading alone doesn't provide. Plus, the forums allowed me to connect with like-minded Seth readers across the world to discuss the concepts, give advice and suggestions and, most importantly, support each other on our journey. The best part is knowing you're learning from someone who was there from the start --Rick actually attended Jane's ESP class and spoke with Seth frequently. His knowledge of the material is unmatched." Chris Henning
Communications Director, University of Denver

"Rick Stack is a great communicator and skilled teacher. The online lectures were well edited and presented. The magic of the course is that it reproduces the fun, joy and wonder of the sessions Rick Stack took part in with Jane Roberts and the "old ghost" with a big personality - Seth." Bill Mihalopoulos
Ph.D History, M.Litt Oriental Studies, Educator and Writer, Adelaide, Australia

"Although I have read all of the Seth books several times over many years, I believe that my intellectual and emotional understanding of the Seth material has been greatly enhanced by taking this course. I found this format of focused readings, and exercises and lectures spread out over six weeks to be extremely conducive to self-reflection and integration/application of the material. I felt energized throughout the entire course and believe I will be able to apply Seth's principles going forward in a way I have not been able to before. The materials, format and instructor are all first rate. Overall, it was an excellent experience and I highly recommend it to anyone with an interest in The Seth Material and spiritual growth." George Collins Prague
Investment Professional/Writer, Czech Republic

"They say, when the student is ready, the teacher appears. Never was this truer for me than with this synergistic online course. Studying Seth, interacting with class members, listening to Rick's awesome all combined into an awakening experience that opened my inner eyes and opened me up to the joy that Seth says is the true nature of spirituality." Pamela Gibson
Federal Civil Servant, Hawaii

"I'm so happy I did this workshop! I've grown so much being immersed in the Seth material and participating with the group. It really opened things up for me, expanded my awareness and understanding. It's obvious a lot of care and consideration went into this workshop!! I'm excited for the next adventure in creating my wonderful reality! Thanks Rick!!" Eden Grace Austin
Texas Project Manager

"This course is a golden opportunity to study the incomparable Seth material. Taught with style, fun and deep understanding by a direct student of Seth and Jane Roberts, it gave me a never-before achieved level of both theoretical understanding and direct experience of the knowledge Seth transmitted. Stimulating, thought provoking and enlightening at every level, I can only describe this course as a Revelation!" Andy Cusick
Writer, Glasgow, Scotland

"Extremely high personal impact; The course has helped me immensely in actually doing the practices, some of which I half heartedly started over 25 years ago. It has re-energized me in that respect. It's helped me to clearly see the path to experiencing the inner senses and appreciating myself more completely. It provides the structure to work on concepts and practices and the ability to interact with other people from around the world who are supportive is very reinforcing. The "work" is both fun and challenging and provides a real rocket to growth and understanding. If you are considering the course; just do it-you will be glad you did." David Cielak
Company Director "Western Australia", Perth, Australia

"I feel like I started a journey, not really having any expectation and came out the other side amazed at my expansion and desire for more. Thank you Rick for your amazing ability to format this body of work in such a manner that it flowed perfectly and succinctly toward a true understanding of what Seth is teaching." Carole Cox
North Carolina Profession: Outside Sales Highway Construction Products

"Rick is a very relaxed, warm and engaging personality. He says he loves teaching and it shows. I really enjoyed the Forums, reading and responding to other classmates comments and questions. We learned from one another. The homework assignments covered a variety of topics that were great learning tools, trying the techniques and then sharing your experiences on the forum was a great give and take among all the students. The two books, Seth Speaks and The Nature of Personal Reality are excellent resources to use& Their messages are timeless. I will highly recommend this class to others." Nancy C. Elliott
Administrative Assistant in a Non-Profit Shamanistic Study Organization, Fairbanks, Alaska

"My intellectual and emotional understanding of the Seth material has been greatly enhanced by taking this course" George Collins
Prague, Investment Professional, Czech Republic

"I have been exposed to many teachings, but none have been as clear in explaining our innate spiritual nature as this course" Olga Claussen
California, Yoga instructor

"This is an amazing class. It's been life-changing" Beth Mcleod

"I can only describe this course as a revelation" Andy Cusick
Glascow, Scotland

"I feel like my growth has multiplied tenfold by doing this course" Liz Purvis

"This course has been invaluable to me in deepening my awareness of the Seth material and knowing it experientially instead of just on a knowledge level, which is so important in making real change in your life. Rick is a excellent coach, who knows all the ins and outs of the Seth material and its nice to get together with other Seth lovers to discuss and compare experiences. Its a wonderful course and if your serious about learning the Seth material and changing your life for the better then you shouldn't miss this course." Tony Taylor
Lowes Home Improvement, North Carolina

"The course served as an in-depth immersion into the teachings of Seth, with an emphasis on practical exercises that helped me put the material to work immediately. Great class." Chris Nelson

"It was great! I have taken workshops from Rick in person a few times so was very excited about the online course. It exceeded my expectations and has been so helpful to experience total immersion in the Seth material over the last 6 weeks. Well thought out, very substantial. Really enjoyed the video lectures." T. Smith
Artist, Texas

"I enjoyed this web class very much. It was a powerful immersion into Seth's core teachings, in theory and practice. It has opened my eyes to the unlimited things to be explored within myself, thank you Rick and everyone in class!" P. Marino
Finance & Accounting, Texas

"This online course provided a great opportunity for me to really immerse myself in some of Seth's most important teachings. Rick did an excellent job at keeping us focused on the material and encouraged us to apply ourselves so we could get the most out of the course. In the end, this course gives you the foundation to continue working with the Seth material and really helps accelerate your spiritual growth." Gary Moring

"This workshop has helped me actually focus on what Seth is trying to teach us. I have read the books before but never got out of them the learning that I received in this class. This workshop has helped me start to achieve what I want, which is to become open to my multidimensional self." S. Gilmore
Ohio Bus operator, Ohio

"This course connected me with others interested in the Seth teachings and helped me gain a better appreciation of Jane Roberts and Robert Butts who were instrumental in bringing them into the world, and Rick Stack, who helps keep them alive. His course has helped me tremendously in understanding the teachings and applying them in my daily living." Nancy Clarke
Ontario Canada

"The way this course was structured made studying the material so much more meaningful, it was truly a growing experience. Rick is a great instructor and this was a great course!! His video lectures were very informative and the live webinars were great." Jimmy H. Ma
Teacher, Massachusetts

"I particularly enjoyed Rick's open-hearted approach to the material and how it has affected his life. Each week held surprises which fueled for me one of the core themes--that of spontaneity. This was the joyous essence I needed to stimulate inquiry into my belief systems." David Hollingworth
Homoeopath. Byron Bay Australia

"Rick's video lectures are very good. It's terrific to hear from someone who has given the material that much thought and dedication. This course was a great way to jump-start and intensify my work with the material." Jacob Halper
Portland Maine

"As a long-time student of the Seth material, this course allowed me to connect with my spontaneous self with increased clarity and joy." Patricia Huntley
Registered Nurse (retired), British Columbia, Canada

New Awareness Network

About the Instructor

Rick Stack was a friend and student of Seth & Jane Roberts and personally attended over 100 Seth sessions given in Jane Roberts' classes in Elmira, NY. He is the President of New Awareness Network Inc.,, and publisher/editor of The Seth Audio Collection, The Early Sessions (Books 1-9 of the Seth Material), The Personal Sessions, and other books by Jane Roberts.

Author of "Out Of Body Adventures" (Contemporary Books 1988), he has been teaching courses and workshops on the Seth material, dreams, out of body experiences, parapsychology and consciousness studies throughout the United States and abroad for over 40 years. He has appeared on numerous radio and television shows including Coast to Coast with George Noury.

Over a 20 year period Rick worked with Jane's husband Rob Butts on the publication of previously unpublished Seth material. His current projects include a global outreach program to introduce people to the Seth material and to provide educational opportunities for the study and practical application of Seth's books.

Course Logistics

The live webinars will be recorded, so if you miss any you can go back and listen to them at any time. If you can’t attend the live webinars, that’s OK, all assignments will be available online, and all class activities can be done at your leisure at any time during the week. Detailed simple instructions will be provided on how to use a headset or telephone to log into the live weekly online class.

All students must have the following:

New Awareness Network

A computer (preferred), tablet, or smartphone.

New Awareness Network

DSL or Cable internet connection preferred, though some people have used dial-up.

New Awareness Network

Two Seth books: The Nature of Personal Reality & Seth Speaks by Jane Roberts. Both can be purchased for 50% off when registering for the course.

New Awareness Network

A headset with microphone is recommended, but not required. (You will NOT need a computer camera) You CAN use a telephone instead of a headset for the live webinars, but then your regular long distance phone rates may apply. Its free (and also more comfortable) if you use a headset. A headset can be purchased online, or at any electronic store for $10 - $20.

Course Registration

The Online Seth Intensive Course with Rick Stack begins October 4, 2023 and ends November 8, 2023. The live class webinars are held on Wednesday evenings: October 4, 11, 18, 25, November 1, 8, 2023. All webinars are recorded and can be viewed at any time.

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