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Index of The Early Sessions, Books 1 Through 9
by Jane Roberts

by Susan R. Williams


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– A –

abortion, natural, ES9: 411
accidents, potential, ES9: 111–12, 127–28, 147, 341–45
Ace Books, staff at, ES9: 273–74. See also Wollheim, Don
action, ES3:282–94, 298–307, 317, 319, 328–29, 334–36, ES4:38–44. See also perception

always unique, ES4:25–28, 30–33
art as, ES1:73, 75–76
cannot destroy itself, ES7:227–28
dilemmas resulting in existence, ES3:287–89
evil and, ES3:324–25
mental enzymes and, ES1:71
summary of, ES4:92–93, ES5:110–12
tension and, ES4:24–28
unifying principles of, ES4:106–11
actions, impeding, ES4:97–112, ES8:301
The Adult Time (Jane Roberts), ES4:267
aggression, ES2:277, ES4:55, 173, ES6:263–67, ES8:302–4. See also violence; war
solutions explored by others, ES9: 332–35
true nature of, ES2:323–24
not a primary condition, ES5:70–71
of physical matter, ES2:144–48, ES3:81–84
aliens. See extraterrestrials
Allison, Connie, ES8:179–80
All That Is, ES2:309–10, ES3:21, 65–66, ES7:200–201, 204–5, 227, 238–41
agony of nonbeing, ES9: 24–29
and ‘‘God,’’ ES8:254
purposes of, ES9: 18
American Revolution, ES1:247
American Society for Psychic Research, ES1:313, ES2:41, 45
correspondence with, ES1:254, 258, 274, 302–3
directors of, ES4:137, 139–40
antimatter. See matter, negative
apartment at 458 West Water St.
arrangement in, ES1:232–33, 275–76, 314, ES2:108, ES3:91, ES6:56 (See also north-south body position)
diagram of, ES2:223
environment around, ES9: 308–11
apparitions, ES2:211–15, ES6:52–53, 56–57, 62, 113, ES7:12, ES8:198, 200
Arcturus, ES1:26
Arnot Art Gallery, ES6:148
Jane's change of attitude, ES2:296–97
Jane's change of position, ES2:323, 333–35, 338–39
Jane's last week at, ES3:33
Jane's position at, ES2:158, 197–200, 263–66, 268
art, ES7:50. See also under Butts, Robert F., Jr. (‘‘Rob’’); Roberts, Jane
as action, ES1:73, 75–76
creation of, ES1:238–40
influence after creation, ES1:241
sculpture, ES1:159
timeless-appearing, ES4:14
Artistic Card Company, ES2:9, 301
assassinations, ES8:302–8
how to neutralize, ES7:3
as a psychologist's tool, ES5:339–40
astral body, ES1:56, ES3:215, ES4:264, ES5:25–27, ES6:66, 166. See also mental body; tissue capsule
also called the dream body, ES6:179–80
also called the mental body, ES6:172
astral identity. See inner self
astrology, ES9: 274
astronauts, Apollo 7, ES9: 113–14, 118–19, 353–54
Atlantis, ES1:40, ES9: 305

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– B –

Baba, Meher, ES7:177–80, 183
Beckett, Jim, ES2:41–42, 45–46

entity name ‘‘Roarck,’’ ES2:42
belief, ES2:284
Bernard, Dr. Eugene and Sarah, ES7:83, 139–40, 177–88, 195–98, ES8:114–18, 332, ES9: 15, 17
between-lives period. See death, between-lives period
Bickford, Shirley, ES8:119, 123–24
‘‘The Big Freeze’’ (Jane Roberts), ES5:18–19
‘‘Bird Sculpts’’ (poem by Jane Roberts), ES1:248, 252
birth, ES2:15, 80, ES8:205
activities prior to, ES2:70, ES9: 379–81, 410–11, 413–14
shock of, ES1:267–68
Blevins, Albert, ES8:309–10
Bliss, Carol, ES8:179
blueprint, psychic, ES1:34
as action's intent, ES3:304
relation to mental genes, ES1:197
Borst, Mrs., ES2:337
Bradley, John, ES4:115–18, ES9: 399–407
entity name ‘‘Philip,’’ ES1:197
family, ES5:39–40, ES7:250
hears Seth's voice, ES5:41–52
incarnations, ES1:153–54, 197–98
indispositions, ES1:154, ES9: 196, 198–99
job with Searle Drug Co., ES1:299–302, ES2:233–34, ES4:118–22, 274, ES5:37–41, 231–36, ES7:248–53, ES8:134–35, 226–29, ES9: 85–92, 144, 196–97, 307–8
present life, ES7:250–53, 256–58, 260–62, 336, 339–40
relationship to Seth and Jane, ES1:197
session witness statements, ES1:202, 301–2
wife, ES2:235–37, ES5:340–42, 344–47, ES7:336, 339–40
brain, ES4:325, ES7:243, ES8:27
Briscoe, Edward, ES5:220–21
Bronson, Malba. See under seances
Buck, Ella, ES4:178–84, ES6:97–100, ES9:414
entity name ‘‘Dorinella,’’ ES4:179
Buck, Marjorie, ES7:119–25
Buddhism, ES4:191–92, 218, ES5:36, ES7:191–92
Budrys, A. J., ES3:161, 165
entity name ‘‘Salden,’’ ES3:165
Buffalin, Callista, ES9: 72–74
bursitis, ES5:335–37, ES6:13
Butts, Alice, ES6:329, ES8:230
Butts, Ida D'Andreano (entity name ‘‘Loriza’’), ES3:27–28, ES7:8
Butts, Jane Roberts. See Roberts, Jane
Butts, Loren D., ES8:208
entity, ES8:206
family relationships, ES6:78–80, ES9: 105–6, 129–30
incarnations, ES1:49–50, 59–60, 68–69, 114–16, ES3:57
wedding of daughter Linda, ES5:283–85
Butts, Robert F., Jr. (‘‘Rob’’)
anger at Jane, ES6:266–68
     portraits, ES9: 103–4, 204–7, 209, 245–49, 428–29 (See also Seth, painting of)
     produced by, ES1:46, ES3:114–15, 148–49, ES8:152–56, 187–89, 212, 216–26, 230, ES9: 15–16, 35–36
     psychic elements in, ES9: 174–75, 356–58
     selling, ES1:36–37, 41, ES7:2, ES9: 354–55, 359–63
     technique, ES9: 419–22
Aunt Ella (See Buck, Ella)
Aunt Mabel, ES6:97–100
birth date of, ES5:100
birthplace of, ES5:176
commitment to Seth material, ES2:314–17
cousins of (See Butts, Ruth; Gridley, Ruth)
death circumstances, predicted, ES5:254, ES9: 194
dreams, seven (predicted), ES9: 336
energy available, ES2:53–54, 138, ES5:246
entity name ‘‘Joseph,’’ ES1:23, 34
fat hands, explanation of, ES2:6–7
father of (See Butts, Robert F., Sr.)
fears, ES1:120–22 (See also financial success)
     direct psychic experience, ES9: 223–24
     emotionalism, ES8:317–19
     idea of meeting people, ES9: 381–83
     inferiority, ES1:206–10
feeling time pressures, ES9: 100–103
final earth life, ES1:46, ES2:129, ES5:245–46
incarnations, past and future, ES9: 132–33
     back trouble, ES1:25–26, 194
     gumboil, ES9: 441
     hay fever, ES4:218, ES6:335–36
     reasons for, ES1:107, ES3:309–16, 323–27, ES6:39–42
     sunburned feet, ES9: 409–10
     tetanus reaction, ES2:139
     tinnitus, ES1:35
life's purposes, ES2:128–32, ES6:63–65, ES7:331–32, 334–35
marriage, second, ES8:ix––x
mother of, ES1:113–14, 208–9, ES2:227, ES4:185, 237, ES6:144, 266, ES8:206–8, ES9: 131
necessity of, in Seth sessions, ES1:157, ES3:105
noise, reaction to, ES8:323–25
personality fragment
     at 11 years old, ES1:49–51
     at York Beach (See York Beach fragments)
personality layers, ES1:107–10
probable self (See Pietra, Dr.)
psychic abilities, use of, ES6:55–56, ES9: 77–80, 129–31
reincarnational lives, ES2:35–36, ES5:255, ES6:144–45, ES8:294
role in World War II, ES5:203
Butts, Robert F., Sr., ES5:314, ES8:205–8
entity name ‘‘Arruhk,’’ ES1:209
father Otis, ES9: 414–15
incarnations, ES1:29
personality ‘‘walked out,’’ ES8:205–8
preparations for death, ES9: 413–15
relationship with his family, ES4:181–83, ES6:144, ES9: 104–7
relationship with Rob Butts, ES1:113–14, 208–9, ES2:227, ES4:185, 237, ES6:266–67, ES9: 412–13
sister Ella (See Buck, Ella)
Butts, Ruth, ES8:209
Butts, William Richard (‘‘Dick’’)
brother-in-law of (See D'Andreano, Louis)
entity of, ES8:206
incarnations, ES1:50, 88, 147–50, 162–63
present life, ES1:83, 125–26, ES5:125–30, 133, 135–36, ES8:208, ES9: 105, 130–32
wife (See Butts, Ida D'Andreano)

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– C –

Callahan, Florence, ES6:233–34

Butts' contact with, ES1:221–23, ES2:109–10, 304
condition of, ES1:241, 249, ES2:29, 89–91, 110–11, 322, ES3:267, 276, 312–13, ES7:143, ES8:205
Frank Watts on, ES1:9
health crisis of, ES1:194
preparations for death by, ES1:223–26, 262, ES2:17, 30–31
camouflage universe. See matter; physical reality
campfire scene, Ruburt's, ES9: 122
cancer, ES1:226–27, ES5:81–83
capacity for infinite mobility, ES2:71, 76
capsule comprehension, ES3:8–9, 256, 304, ES4:73–74, 100. See also consciousness unit
Carlson, Sonja, ES3:145–46, 314–16
Catherine. See pets, Catherine
cats. See pets
cause and effect, ‘‘law’’ of, ES1:95, 118, 289, 292, 326, ES2:78, ES3:317
Cayce, Edgar, ES2:323, ES8:254, 262, 317
cell consciousness
choices of, ES1:226, ES2:74
and dreams, ES7:73–75, 83–85
Cernohorsky, Joe, ES5:248, 251
Chatfield, Ruth, ES8:156
Christian religion
Christ, ES5:35–36, 103, 105–6, ES9: 335
Crucifixion, the, ES2:36, 308, ES3:188–89, ES5:103
God, Christian concept of, ES7:238–41
heaven, ES7:319
hell, ES7:319, ES8:199
purgatory, ES8:198
Trinity, ES3:66
clairvoyance. See also precognition
different from telepathy, ES2:8
electromagnetic patterns and, ES4:305, 324–25
inverted time and, ES5:330
probabilities and, ES5:228–29
projection and, ES7:309
requirements for, ES2:331, ES3:212
Seth's use in experiments, ES4:213
warning method, ES2:16–17
classes. See under ESP
Clauss, Mr. (art instructor), ES1:110–11
climate, physical. See weather
clock time. See time, clock
co-creator, ES8:202
Colucci, Dr. Andrew and Marie, ES5:2, 8–9, 223–26
dependence on time system, ES9: 10–11
with inner reality, ES3:3–4
between non-physical and physical, ES8:26–29
with non-physical personalities, ES5:328
with Seth (See sessions, Seth, communication method)
with Seth Two (See Seth Two, communication method)
thoughtwords vs. speech, ES9: 11
cone effect with Seth Two, ES8:274–75, 280
consciousness, ES1:33, ES2:7
attributes of, ES2:70, 268–73, ES3:76, 78–79
body, ES8:201–2
definition, ES3:42–45, 300, 305
destruction of, ES4:13
direction of focus, ES4:170–71, 174–75
evolution of, ES1:196–97, ES2:75, ES4:314
expansion of, ES1:42–43, ES5:36, ES7:217–20, 226–29, 242–43 (See also drugs, psychedelic)
     compared to animal, ES1:92, 94
     layers in, ES1:91, 166–70, 218–19
responsibility of, to all other, ES1:230
consciousness unit, ES2:294–95
constructions. See idea construction; matter
contemplation. See meditation
continental rise and fall, ES1:30
Conz, Rich, ES9: 430–34
cooperation, ES2:76–78, 154, 172, 192
coordinates, ES8:275, 278–80, 282–83, 288–89, 298–99
cosmic consciousness, ES7:227, ES8:272
Craig, Estelle and Dave, ES9: 137–44
creation, ES8:17–20, 26–35
as a basic law, ES2:15, 67–68
first act of, ES1:234–37, ES3:141, 155, ES9: 24–29, 185
responsibility in, ES9: 134–37
of universes, ES3:35–38, 59–60, 65
Crittenden, Claire, ES7:317–18, ES8:144–49
Crossed, Dick and Carol, ES9: 381
Crosson, James C., Rev., ES8:29–30, ES9: 295–96, 299–304, 361–63, 383–85
Crowder, Vivian and Bill, ES7:121, 124
Crowley, Wendell, ES7:77–83, 116–17, 122–23
CU. See consciousness unit

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– D –

D'Andreano, Louis, ES3:19–26, 29–31, 314, ES7:8–10

entity name ‘‘Zibreth,’’ ES3:29
Davies, Laurel Lee, ES8:ix–x
death, ES1:191–92, ES2:15, 80–81, 94, ES4:324, ES8:177–78. See also apparitions; karma; reincarnation; survival personalities
activities before, ES1:224–26, ES2:52, ES8:205, ES9: 292–95
between-lives period after, ES1:151, ES3:97–99, ES6:180, ES9: 300–301
conditions immediately after, ES1:37, 226, ES6:62, 241, ES7:11, 85, 331, ES8:196–203
evidence for personality's survival of, ES5:256
fear of, ES3:330–33, ES7:156
ghost images after, ES8:298–99
personality changes at, ES3:235, 242, ES5:142–45, ES6:21–23
shock of, to the personality, ES1:267
deja vu, ES1:33
destruction. See violence
Diebler, Ann, ES5:108
diet. See food
dimension, fifth, ES1:328, 333, ES2:4, ES3:99–100, ES6:164, 166
compared to space, ES2:11–12
discussed by Frank Watts, ES1:8
structure of, like wires, ES1:60–62, 71–72, 78–79, 95–96, ES8:278 (See also coordinates)
dimension, fourth, ES6:166
dimensions. See planes; systems; universal fields
disease. See illness
dissociated states. See also Roberts, Jane, dissociated states
as an investigative tool, ES2:58–59
deep, ES2:95, ES8:193–96
effects of, ES1:108–9, 112, 115–16
highly focused, ES9: 176–77
as a primary condition, ES5:72
in sleep, ES1:88, 93
temperature's effect on, ES8:333–34
dogs. See pets
dream body, ES6:179–80, 190. See also astral body
dream book. See Seth, Dreams and Projections of Consciousness
awake-seeming, ES6:252, 258, 287
as connectives of universes, ES3:185
creation of, ES1:238, ES3:34–39, 41–46, 60–61, 320, ES5:27, ES7:101–3
dual-hybrid constructions, ES3:39
effects of, ES4:313
as electric actions, ES3:222, 224, 234–35, 237–39, 254
image construction in, ES4:264–65, 267–70, 278–79, 290–92, ES7:12, 47–51
inner senses and, ES4:330
intensity in, ES4:225–27
interpretation of, ES2:338–39, ES3:51–57, 85, ES5:125–30, 133–36, 207, ES6:152–53
lucidity and manipulation in, ES6:164–65, 172–73, 205, 286
nightmares, ES1:91
personality's relationship to, ES4:164–68, 188–89
probabilities and, ES7:12–14
problem solving in, ES4:172–74, 226–28, 258
REM, ES4:296
root, ES7:13–14, 44–46
root assumptions in, ES7:26–28
shared, ES6:47, 115–16, 118–19
simultaneous, ES5:133
study of, ES4:170–72, 295–98, ES5:74–78, 87–89, 329
suggestion and, ES4:259–60
symbols in, ES3:34–38, 205, 238–40, ES4:227, ES7:72–75, 83–85, 89–90
therapeutic, ES4:172, 188–89, 332–33, 336–38, ES5:2–4, 11–12, 14–18, ES7:266–69
Dreams, Astral Projection and ESP. See Seth, Dreams and Projections of Consciousness
dream state, ES4:304–5, ES5:69–73
characteristics, ES1:218, ES2:60–61, ES3:72–73, 188–90, ES4:14–16, ES5:301–2
connection to waking state, ES4:196–99
construction of, ES3:154–59, 170–72, 292, ES4:1–6, 87–88, 90–91, 170
doorways to, ES3:201
experiments in, ES5:58–61
guides in, ES6:180
locations in, ES2:10–13, ES6:45–47
personalities in, ES4:257–59, ES5:278–80, ES6:163–66
personality levels in, ES7:295–96
physical organism in, ES4:258–60, 264
temperature's effect on, ES8:333–34
time in, ES2:12, ES4:256–57, ES5:329–30
uses for, ES2:60, ES4:189–90
dream universe. See dream state
drugs, psychedelic, ES1:270–71, 281, ES7:33–34, 203–6, 211–14, ES8:283–84
Duke University, ES1:215, 254. See also Rhine, Dr. J. B.
Dunne, ES5:141–45, 170–73, 229–30
durability as a basic law, ES2:14–15
Dyer, Helen, ES5:80–83

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– E –

earth, potential destruction of, ES9: 333, 369, 373–74, 378–79
Edwards, Harry, ES9: 10, 12, 31, 35, 98–99, 113, 127
EE units, ES9: 416–19, 423–26, 435–39
ego, inner self-conscious. See inner self
ego (outer), ES1:279, 294–95, 297, 300, ES2:107, ES7:240

after death, ES2:125–28, ES6:22–24
assimilation of experience, ES3:326
characteristics, ES3:330–33, ES4:213–16, ES9: 219–20, 222
     preferred, ES4:113
definition, ES3:266
denial of action, ES4:122–24, 197–98
emotions and, ES4:38–40, 75
expansion of, ES7:205–6, 218–20, 226–27
and inner self (inner ego)
     merging with, ES1:279–80, ES7:17–18
     separated from, ES2:125
intellect's role with, ES4:228
necessity of, ES1:297, 300, ES7:240
result of creative dilemma, ES3:289
role of, ES3:89–90, 205–7, 234, 300–302, 306–7, ES4:41–42
subconscious and, ES4:19–22
Einstein, Albert, ES1:89, 137, ES2:21, ES8:283
electrical field
allied with physical, ES3:218–25, 241–44
characteristics of, ES3:227–29, 252–56, 273–74, 277
initial experience beyond, ES3:263–64
inner self and subconscious in, ES3:233
energy in physical reality, ES5:64–66, 69, ES8:9, 11–12 (See also EE units)
systems, ES4:304–5, 311–12, 323–25
emotional intellect, ES9: 261–62
color and, ES4:224–25
complexity of, ES9: 261–62
in the dream state, ES4:304–5
within the electrical field, ES3:219, 221–25, ES4:311
examples, ES3:267–70
intensity of, as distance, ES4:224–25, 256–57
as life force, ES1:62
positive action with, ES9: 291
repression of, ES4:38–40
role in idea construction, ES8:1–2
Enemies and Beloved Ones (Jane Roberts), ES1:35–36
nature of, ES2:154–57, 254, 294–95, ES3:195, ES6:284–85
self-perpetuating, ES3:59–60
transformation, as a basic law, ES2:14–15
use in relationships, ES4:228–29
characteristics, ES3:57–58, 303–4, ES7:201, ES8:207
final earth incarnations, ES1:43
indestructibility of, ES1:97
names, ES1:23, ES4:262
relationship to its personalities, ES1:216–17, ES2:91–94, ES3:62–63
entropy, ES2:293, 295
envelope experiments, ES5:134
first, ES4:195, 199–200, 202–6
Jane's article on, ES6:30
Jane's study of, ES4:300–301
last, ES7:279, 282–86
Seth's comments about, ES4:328, ES5:84–85, 207, 210, 252–53, 310–11, 333, ES7:43–44, 76–77, ES9: 427–29
epidemics, ES8:28
ESP, ES1:185, 187, 189, 200, 319, ES2:96
book (See How to Develop Your ESP Power)
cards, Zener, ES1:231, ES4:195
classes, Jane's, ES8:58, 78–79, 129–30, 132, 136–37, 191–92, ES9: 258
     Class on 5/6/69, ES9: 284–85
     Class on 5/20/69, ES9: 299–303
     Class on 6/3/69, ES9: 311–16
     Class on 6/15/69, ES9: 345–53
evil, ES3:323–25, ES8:202–3
of consciousness, ES1:196–99, ES2:75, ES4:314
and inner senses, ES1:198–99
exercise, physical, ES6:261, ES8:203
expanding universe. See universe, expanding
The Expansion of Human Consciousness (Jane Roberts), ES6:65
expectation. See also suggestion
better term than suggestion, ES4:69, 97
car example, ES8:8, 131–32
in idea construction (See idea construction, expectation's effect on)
direct, for true knowledge, ES3:266, 274
progression of, through frameworks, ES9: 23–24, 32–33
experiments, psychic. See also envelope experiments; Instream, Dr. George; seances; table tipping
best conditions for, ES3:229–31
newspaper ad and Bill Gallagher, ES4:316–20
extrasensory perception. See ESP
extraterrestrials, ES1:26–27, 328, ES2:21–22

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– F –

fear, ES2:227, 271, 273, ES7:136–37

basis of hate, ES3:325–26
feelings. See emotions
Fell, Frederick, ES1:35–36, ES7:14–15, ES8:130–31, 257
and the ESP book, ES4:302, ES5:15, 294–300, ES7:301–2
session with, ES8:109–10, 131
The Fence (Jane Roberts), ES3:69
‘‘The Fence’’ (poem by Jane Roberts), ES1:27–28
fields of actuality. See planes
fifth dimension. See dimension, fifth
financial gain, use of Seth material for, ES1:308
financial success, ES2:278–82, ES7:18–19, ES8:8–9, 210, 245–52
flying saucers, ES1:98–99, 135–36, 261, 317–18, ES4:240
Fodor, Nandor, ES9: 123, 128
food, ES8:43, ES9: 440
Seth's suggestion for Butts', ES4:244–45, ES6:296, 335–36, ES7:232, ES8:40, 45, 47–48, 51–52, 56–57, 59
Ford, Arthur, ES9: 98–99, 385
fourth dimension. See dimension, fourth
Fox, Oliver, Astral Projection, ES6:163–65, 180–81, 209
Fox, Roy C., ES5:116, 121–22, ES7:121
fragment, personality
production of, by the subconscious, ES1:51
relationship to its entity, ES1:26, 30, 38–40, 42–47
fragments, personality. See personality fragments
Frazer, Emolene, ES9: 39, 42–43
free will, ES1:34, 151, 284, 287–89, ES5:46–50
only detriment to, ES3:62
and probabilities, ES5:290–92
French Revolution, ES1:247
Freud, Sigmund, ES2:321–26, ES6:46
Freudenberger, Dr., ES9: 84, 107, 112

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– G –

Gallagher, Margaret and William, ES4:262–63, ES7:56–59, ES8:147–51, ES9: 341–45

in the Caribbean, ES8:119–22, 130
in Nassau, ES7:105–9, 112–14, 117–18, 125–35
in New York, ES7:340, ES8:5–7
in Puerto Rico, ES5:2, 5–6, 10, 13–14, 18, 20–22 ES5:31–35, 152–66
Gallagher, Margaret (‘‘Peg’’), ES4:48–51, 65, ES5:32–33
article on Seth and Jane, ES9: 231, 235
brother and sister-in-law, ES8:147–51
entity name ‘‘Aniac,’’ ES4:51
newspaper job, ES8:12–16
trip to Washington, ES5:108, 112, 119–20, 123, 166–69
Gallagher, William (‘‘Bill’’), ES4:48–51, 115–18, 237–38, ES9: 196–202
diving in Seneca Lake, ES4:284–88, 290
entity name ‘‘Manuk,’’ ES4:49
parents of, ES4:218–23
in Syracuse, ES8:10–11, 14–15
ulcers, ES4:51, 54–55, 65–67, 77–83, 85–87, 115, 118, 262–63, ES5:256, ES9: 196, 198
gallery, Jane's job in. See Arnot Art Gallery
Gassner, Edward, ES9: 381
geology of continents' rise and fall, ES1:30
gestalts, physical, ES2:68–69, 95–96, 100, 155
gestalts, psychic, ES2:101–3, 155–57, ES6:14, ES7:200–205, ES8:207–8. See also entity; Seth Two
primary energy gestalt (See All That Is)
pyramid gestalts, ES2:133, 135, 155, ES3:65–67, 276, ES4:192
ghost images after death. See death, ghost images after
ghosts. See apparitions
giantism, Jane's feeling of, ES9: 117–18, 120–22
God, ES2:75, 307–11, ES5:36–37, ES7:238–41, ES8:254. See also gestalts, psychic
Christian concept of, ES1:236, ES7:238–41
compulsion to be, ES3:59–62
god, one's personal, ES7:200–201, 204–5
gods, mythological, ES7:201
Gottesman, Harry, ES6:18–20
gout. See Bradley, John, indispositions
gravity not a primary condition, ES5:70
Great Britain, ES1:247
Gridley, Ruth, ES6:246, ES7:121
Grippo, Miss. See Ace Books, staff at
growth in physical reality, ES2:94, 242–44
guardian angels, ES1:152
guides in the dream state, ES6:180

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– H –

hallucinations, ES7:90
Hartley, Tom, ES9: 436–37, 439
hate, ES3:325–26
hay fever, ES7:3–5
healing ability, ES4:243–44, ES5:82–83

definition, ES9: 314–16
ego's role in, ES7:18
influenced by the electrical field, ES3:222
practices, ES4:244–47 (See also exercise; food; smoking; suggestion; yoga practice)
Healy, Ann, ES7:266, 271, 273–75
heaven, ES7:319
hell, ES7:319, ES8:199
given by advanced personalities, ES9: 48–53
given by poor examples, ES9: 333–34
Hicks, Doug, ES8:147–49
High, Low and Psycho (Jane Roberts), ES5:240–41, 245, 270, ES8:153, 155
Holzer, Hans, ES9: 84, 127–28
Houlihan, Bernard, ES9: 381
house hunting
house in the country, ES2:208, 216–17, 230, 274–75, 278–82, 297–300
Seth's recommendations, ES2:178–86, 188
How to Develop Your ESP Power (Jane Roberts). See also Fell, Frederick
during and after publication, ES5:268, 315–16, ES7:99
during writing, ES3:333–34, ES4:33–35, 207, 322
hypnosis, ES1:297–98, ES5:77, 226–27, ES8:313, ES9: 429–30
for psychological study, ES1:179, 181, ES4:187, 297–98, ES5:75
for scientific investigation, ES1:29, 320, ES2:21–24, 58–59

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– I –

idea construction. See also creation; matter; perception

chemical propellants in, ES7:170–71
defective, cause of, ES2:227, 271
by different species, ES2:172–3, 191
emotion's role in, ES8:1–2
examples, ES2:304–7, ES4:85–87, ES5:19, 199–203, ES7:2, ES8:17–18
expectation's effect on, ES2:275–82, 294, ES5:254, ES6:114–15, 281, ES7:99, ES8:8–9
growth in physical reality, ES2:94, 242–44
immaterial constructions, ES2:196, ES6:2–6
nonphysical intervals, ES6:286–87
original intensity and age, ES9: 287
in physical reality, ES2:15–16, 61–62, 73–78, 119–20, 174–77, 189–93, 209–12, ES9: 279–82, 437–39 (See also EE units)
primary and secondary constructions (See under matter)
psychological structures in, ES2:268–73, 293–94 (See also consciousness unit)
replacing ‘‘bad’’ constructions, ES9: 287–89
requirements for, ES2:305, 314–17
ideals, purpose of, ES9: 134–37
ideas as camouflage patterns, ES1:325–27
identity, ES6:125–27, 133–35, 139–41, ES7:199, ES9: 107–10. See also gestalts, psychic
and action, ES3:285–86, 298–307
contacting one's central, ES9: 145–47
ego's, ES3:266
nature of, ES3:234, 265, 277–82, ES6:271–74, ES7:321–24
and self-structures, ES2:121–23, ES8:273–74
as an impeding action, ES4:102–8
chronic, ES7:110–12
cripples, reason for, ES1:32, 35
educational aspects of, ES6:333–34
explanation by the subconscious, ES3:23–24
how to treat, ES2:190, ES3:202, 211–12, 309, ES4:332–33, ES6:296, ES8:32
making symptoms vanish, ES4:190, ES9: 288–89, 296–98
measuring severity of, ES9: 281–83
pain, ES4:103–5
personality's role in, ES3:204, ES4:108–15, 122–24, 165–66, ES5:200–201
prevention of (See health)
reasons for, ES4:331–32, ES6:295, ES7:2. ES7:110–12, ES9: 138–44
     general, ES3:211, 323–27, ES4:74
     psychological, ES2:302–3, ES4:218–19, 222, 331–32, ES6:295
resistance and, ES4:46
Seth's approach, ES8:311–14
suggestion and expectation in, ES3:77–80, 310–12, ES4:67–73, 97–101, ES6:334–35
illness, mental. See mental illness
illnesses. See under Butts, Robert F., Jr.; Roberts, Jane; specific illness names
immersion, sensual, ES2:291–92
incarnations. See reincarnation
Inca villages, ES5:34–35, 131–32
infinite changeability and transmutation, ES2:71, 76
infinity, ES7:199–200
Ingold, Barbara, ES7:17, 21–26, 52–54, 59–67, 336–41, ES8:23–26
initial experience, ES3:238–40
characteristics of, ES3:263–66
inner data translation to sense data, ES3:238–40, ES6:33
inner ego. See inner self
inner self, ES5:26, ES7:240
acceptance of, ES3:212–13
‘‘birth’’ of, ES3:162–64
called ‘‘inner self-conscious ego,’’ ES1:294
characteristics, ES1:165–67, 294–95, ES3:202–3, 216, 243, 305, ES4:23–25, ES6:126–27, 139–40, 257–59, 271–74
construction by, ES9: 279–82
how to direct abilities of, ES5:188–89, 246
merge with outer ego, ES7:17–18
in other dimensions, ES6:154–55
purpose of, ES1:119–21, ES2:71–72, ES3:204–7, ES9: 434–39
between self and ‘‘notself,’’ ES2:122, 125–26
inner senses, ES1:239, 241, 331–32, ES2:290, ES4:330, ES6:120. See also clairvoyance; senses, outer; telepathy
benefits of using, ES1:271–72, 294–96, 303
characteristics of, ES1:76–77, ES3:234, ES5:26–27
data from, ES1:132–35, 141–43, 147, 199–200, 223–24, 267, 280
drugs to initiate, ES1:270–71, 281, ES7:33–34
emotions and, ES1:188–89, 221
examples of usage, ES1:179–80, 268–70, 276–79, 281, 331, 334, 336–37
importance for humanity, ES2:101
of non-human consciousness, ES1:98–99, 117–19
operate together, ES1:171–72, 177, 203, 303–4
outer senses and, ES1:186–87, 190
reaction of, to suggestion, ES5:28
     cognition of knowledgeable essence, ES1:305–7
     conceptual sense, ES1:179, 296–99, 304–5, ES3:242–43, ES5:47–48
     diffusion by the energy personality, ES2:70
     disentanglement from camouflage, ES1:328–29, ES2:3, 7–8, 70
     expansion or contraction of the tissue capsule, ES1:309–10, 312, 317–19, 323
     innate knowledge of basic reality, ES1:307–8, 311, 314–16
     inner vibrational touch, ES1:145–46, 179
     perception of past, present, and future, ES1:277, 292–94
     psychological time (See psychological time)
use on other planes, ES1:315
inner vitality. See action
insanity. See mental illness
inspiration, ES3:233, ES8:275, 288
Instream, Dr. George H.(pseudonym)
contact with, ES4:126, 132–40, 169, 194, 267
experiments, first, ES4:176–78, 267, 270–72
experiments, last, ES6:267, 271
initial letter to, ES4:76
prediction of death of, ES8:59, 230
Seth on, ES8:230, 331–32
Seth recommends contact with, ES4:94–95, 158, 200–201, 205–6
Seth speaking to, ES4:133–53, ES5:54–55
intellect, ES4:228, 325, ES7:155
intelligent life elsewhere. See extraterrestrials
intuitions, ES2:16
from past-life situations, ES1:48
ionosphere, ES9: 113–14

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 – J –

Jewish persecution, ES1:247–48
Johnson, Lyndon, ES8:305
Joseph. See also under Butts, Robert F.

contacted by Rob, ES9: 131–32
image seen by Rob, ES9: 124–25, 127
judgment after death. See death, conditions immediately after
Jung, Carl G., ES2:321–26, ES3:204, 206, ES7:14, ES8:29, ES9: 434–35, 438

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– K –

karma, ES3:63. See also reincarnation

art as debt-paying, ES2:33–34
‘‘debt’’ concept, ES1:154–55
killing and, ES1:242, 248–49
not punishment, ES3:21, ES8:158, 202–3
Keck, Caroline, ES7:231, 234–38
Kennedy, John F., ES1:90–91, 260, 264–65, ES6:119
Kennedy, Robert F., ES8:302–8
Kent, Curt, ES8:147–51
Kiley, Dr., ES3:139
killing, ES4:217, 221–22, ES5:37, ES7:191, ES8:279, ES9: 371. See also reverence for life
karmic consequences of, ES1:242, 248–49
no justification for, ES7:318
once seen as practical, ES1:299
Kimball, Howard, ES3:40
Klebert, Ruth, ES8:119, 123–25
Kluft, Jean, ES8:179, 181–83
knowledge from a nonphysical personality, ES8:288–89, 293–95
Kramerick, Jerry, ES8:167–72

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– L –

Lake, Dave, ES9: 30
laws of the inner universe, ES2:13–14, 97, ES8:266. See also value climate

arrival, physical (See birth)
capacity for infinite mobility, ES2:71, 76
consciousness (See consciousness)
cooperation, ES2:76–78, 154, 172, 192
creation (See creation)
departure, physical (See death)
durability, ES2:14–15
energy transformation, ES2:14
infinite changeability and transmutation, ES2:71, 76
quality-depth, ES2:134–35, 137–38
spontaneity, ES2:14
value fulfillment (See value fulfillment)
Levine, Dr. Sam, ES2:215–16
levitation, ES1:31, 328, 335, ES2:3
libido, ES2:321–22, 325
life force. See action
life span, human, ES1:30
Lodico, Dr., ES7:31, 36–42
love, ES4:184
Lundgren, Curtis, ES2:65

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