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– M –

Macdonnel, William Cameron (‘‘Bill’’), ES1:34, ES2:36–38, 44, 330–33

apparition, session with, ES2:211–15
car accident of, ES9: 71–72
entity name ‘‘Mark,’’ ES1:54
hand phenomena, session with, ES1:52–57
illnesses of, ES2:110–12, 218, ES3:260, ES7:332–34
incarnations, ES1:54, ES2:31–38
as a potential session witness, ES1:283–85, 287
in Provincetown, ES2:317–20, 322, 328–30
visions of fragments, ES1:39, 42–43, 54, ES2:31
male dominance, reason for, ES1:60
Martin, Father, ES5:96–97
mass dreams. See dreams, shared
mass events, ES8:30–31
Masters, Dee, ES2:141, 153, 158–9
entity name ‘‘Yolynda,’’ ES2:158
Masters, Joe, ES4:95–96
materialization by non-physical beings, ES1:260–61. See also death, ghost images; survival personalities
mathematics, ES9: 150–73, 175–77, 235
matter. See also idea construction; mental enclosure
camouflage, measurement of, ES1:337
definition, ES3:175–76
formation of, ES3:146–48
form not a characteristic, ES2:250
nature of, ES2:144–48, 150–57, 162–4, 209, 256–57, 259–61
negative (antimatter), ES2:151–2, 160–62, ES3:154–59
perception of, ES2:250–53
primary and secondary constructions, ES2:239–41, ES6:113–14, 218–21, ES7:12
pseudomatter, ES6:218–21
McCullough, Venice, ES8:93–95, 122–23
entity name ‘‘Saricke,’’ ES8:98
McIlwain, Helen, ES3:128, 130–31, 139
medicine, psychosomatic, ES2:69
meditation, ES2:291, ES3:31. See also psychological time
mediums, psychic, ES1:132, ES2:95. See also Roberts, Jane, as a medium
memory, ES8:28
of non-present events, ES6:4–5, ES7:242
mental body, ES6:166, 172. See also astral body
mental enclosure, ES3:2–3, 6–9, 172, 179, 195
mental enzymes, ES1:46–47, 94–96, 132, 138, 145, 268, ES4:330, ES7:170
chlorophyll, ES1:41, 47, 69–70
light, ES1:94–95
mental illness, ES1:91, ES4:44, 291, ES7:218
relation to incarnations, ES1:151–52
schizophrenia, ES1:87–88
Mesophania, ES1:40
Milligan, Virginia and Tom, ES9: 249–58
mind as a portion of the entity, ES1:152–53
Mischa. See pets, Mischa
‘‘The Mission’’ (Jane Roberts), ES8:21, 58–59
moment point, ES4:8, ES8:33–35
perception within, ES4:10–15, ES5:170–73, ES6:153
Montgomery, Ruth, ES8:254–55, 262, ES9: 84
Mossman, Eve Naudain, ES9: 63–64, 72–73, 80, 186–93, 373, 394–98
Mossman, Tam. See also Prentice-Hall
channeling ‘‘Adam,’’ ES9: 388–98
characteristics, ES8:322, ES9: 71, 228–29, 372
entity name ‘‘Aerofranz,’’ ES9: 200
first letter from, ES7:248, ES8:252, 256–57, 271
Jane's reading of, ES9: 56–58
past and present lives, ES9: 58–64, 186–93
wife Eve (See Mossman, Eve Naudain)
multiple personalities. See personalities, multiple
multiple sclerosis. See Pitre, John and Peggy
Murtough, Peter, ES8:80–92, 95–108
entity name ‘‘Minke,’’ ES8:85
Murtough family, ES8:21, 58–59

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– N –

nationalism, ES3:306–7
natural world, ES9: 334–35
negative matter. See matter, negative
Nesbitt, Lydia, ES8:179–81
neurosis, ES4:111
Newman, Sue, ES8:179
nirvana, ES7:199
noise, how to cope with, ES8:323–25
nonbeing, state of, ES9: 24–29
Norelli, Pat, ES7:314–18, 324–27, ES8:3–4, 99, 147–49, 231–44, ES9: 19, 21, 93–99

Seth's lecture to students of, ES7:318–24
north-south body position, ES1:282–83, ES5:63–64, 68, ES6:180, 280, ES7:214

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– O –

order as an attribute of basic reality, ES1:327
original sin, ES1:155
Oswald, Lee Harvey, ES1:91, 260
Ouija board

first use of, with Seth, ES1:1
Jane's use by herself, ES2:186–8
later experiments with, ES2:201–5, 216, 245–48
phasing out use of, with Seth, ES1:38, 63, 203, 213
out-of-body events. See projections
overpopulation problem, ES9: 305–6

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– P –

Parapsychology Foundation, ES8:111–13
past lives. See reincarnation
peace. See war, how to oppose

overuse of, ES4:44–46
use of, ES1:320, ES2:136, 148, ES4:17–19, 36–38, ES7:2, 253–54, 294
perception, ES6:92–95, 120, ES9: 232–35, 237–40, 264. See also creation; matter; moment point; root assumptions; senses, outer
and action, ES4:42–44, ES5:117–18, ES6:75–77, 82–86
direct inner, ES7:67–69 (See also experience, direct; initial experience)
electromagnetic basis (See EE units)
of idea construction, ES2:215, 224–26, ES6:228–29
inhabitants of different systems', ES6:154, ES9: 259–61
inner self's, ES9: 267–70 (See also inner senses)
medium's, ES9: 267
of/by other parts of self, ES9: 316–23, 329–31 (See also Pietra, Dr.)
perceiver-event interaction, ES9: 270–72
multiple, ES4:186–87, ES6:125–27, 134–35
secondary, ES2:120–23, ES3:14–15, ES4:111–12
personality, human. See also ego; inner self; self; subconscious; whole self
areas of, ES1:107–10
characteristics, ES3:329–33, ES4:108–15, ES7:166–67
definition, ES1:152, ES3:235
dreams created by, ES4:164–68, 188–89
formation of, ES2:120, ES3:149–50
no limitations to, ES4:212
personality fragments, ES1:38, 49–51, 155–56. See also York Beach fragments
ability to create, ES1:51
dream personalities as, ES4:167
Rob's, ES1:49–51
personality structures in other dimensions, ES6:153–55, 163–66
pets, ES2:299, ES9: 399–402
Catherine, ES6:247–48, 294–95, 334, ES7:156
cat's ‘‘attack’’ on Jane, ES6:263–65
indispositions of, ES1:111–12, ES2:190–91, ES4:301, 312, ES6:294–95, 334, ES7:156
Mischa, ES1:111–12, ES2:190–91, ES9: 148–49
Rooney, ES9: 359–60
Willy, ES1:89–91, 94, 323–4, ES4:301, 312
physical reality, ES7:191–92. See also idea construction; matter
apparent ‘‘laws,’’ ES1:329
‘‘beginning’’ of, ES8:18–20
connections with dream universe and negative matter, ES3:149–51, 154–59, 170–72, 201–3
personality types in and near, ES9: 369
reason for existence in, ES9: 134–35, 369–71, 433
root assumptions in, ES7:26–27, 32–34
The Physical Universe as Idea Construction (Jane Roberts), ES1:11–12, 27, 168, ES2:312, ES3:43–44, ES8:272, 289
physics, ES8:283–84, ES9: 150–73
Pietra, Dr., ES9: 317–23, 327–28, 338–40, 374
pineal gland, ES7:170, 217
Piper, Dr. Bob, ES2:250, 254–28
entity name ‘‘Norman,’’ ES2:257
Piper, Mary, ES2:254–58
entity name ‘‘Aeiada,’’ ES2:257
Pitre, John and Peggy, ES8:125–28, 133–34, 137, 157–61, 183–86, 311–14, ES9: 290, 292–95
pituitary gland, ES7:217
planes. See also realities; systems
awareness of, ES3:142–44, 199–201, 209–13
characteristics of, ES1:335–36, ES3:100–101, 187–90
     initial, ES1:101
     revised, ES1:229
existing with earth plane, ES1:227–30, ES3:68
physical body's, ES3:213–14, 218–20
potential ‘‘end,’’ ES3:70
planetary systems, ES9: 181–85
plant life, ES8:202
chlorophyll, ES1:41, 47
trees (See tree consciousness)
possession, ES1:88, ES9: 191, 193
prayer, ES2:307, 309–10, ES5:106
precognition, ES4:305, ES5:228–29, ES6:112–13. See also clairvoyance
and projection, ES7:309
Prentice, Alice, ES9: 31–32, 34
correspondence with, ES9: 4, 15
letter from Seth to, ES8:331–33
staff at, ES8:322, ES9: 191–92 (See also Mossman, Tam)
Price, Blanche, ES4:283, ES7:266, 271–74, ES8:161–67
Priestly, J. B., ES5:141–45, 229–30
prime identity. See inner self
probabilities, ES5:228–30, 236–39, 259–62
notime and, ES9: 81–83
process of choosing, ES5:271–72, 279–81, 290–93
selves, ES5:272, 278–81, 293, ES7:228–29, 231–32
systems, ES5:301–2, ES6:75
projections, ES6:74–75, 179–82, 190–92, 273, ES7:90–91
astral, ES5:26–27
body forms in, ES6:179–80, 190–92, 208, 238–41, 297, ES7:328–31
conscious, ES6:285–87, 304–8
constructions in, ES6:207–9, 215–16, ES7:12, 47–51, 313
effect on fetus, ES9: 410–11
electromagnetic and chemical properties, ES6:252–54, 278–82, 297
examples of, ES5:20–21, ES6:180–81, 199–203, 311–12, ES7:325–29, ES9: 285–87
induction of, ES6:210, 278–83, 298, ES7:70–71, 142–43, 211–14, 217–19, 307–9, ES9: 338–39
joint, by Rob and Jane, ES9: 364–68
perception in, ES6:238–41, ES7:28–30, 143 (See also root assumptions)
prerequisites for, ES7:137–38
purpose of practicing, ES7:192, 199
reincarnation and, ES7:154–56
supraself in, ES7:165–67
temperature's effect on, ES8:333–34
from the waking state, ES7:310–12
pseudomatter, ES6:218–21
psychiatrist's letter to Jane, ES1:213, 216
development, ES2:291–92, ES7:276–77, ES8:103 (See also ESP; psychological time)
investigation, requirements and benefits, ES3:30–31, ES9: 312–13
Psycho-Cybernetics (Maxwell Maltz), ES8:154, 245, 258, ES9: 290
psychological time, ES1:276–77, 282–3, ES2:27, 328. See also Roberts, Jane, psy-time progress
as an environment, ES2:5–6
benefits of using, ES1:182, 184, 319, 327, ES2:6, 50
carry-over to waking life, ES3:116–25
compared to clock time, ES1:170–71, 176–7, 181–83
example of, during a session, ES1:98
gaining information in, ES9: 77–80, 301–3
induction method, ES2:229, 290–92
related to quality-depth, ES2:134
self-consciousness in, ES1:170–71, 175, 179, 197
psychologists, ES9: 438
psychology, true, ES7:241–43
psychometry, ES6:249, ES8:330
psychopaths, ES1:91
psy-time. See psychological time
purgatory, ES8:198
pyramids of Egypt, ES1:33

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– Q –

quality-depth, ES2:134–35, 137–38
quasars, ES6:83–86, 92–95, 120

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– R –

realities, primary and secondary, ES5:69–74, 82, 87
reality, basic. See All That Is
The Rebellers (Jane Roberts), ES8:199
Reed, Dick. See Norelli, Pat
reincarnation, ES1:33, ES6:133–35, 273, ES7:48, ES8:279, 299–300

benefits of knowing incarnations, ES3:327, ES7:242–43
cycles' end in Middle Ages, ES1:246–47
electromagnetic coding, ES4:324
final incarnation, ES1:46, 246
genders in, ES2:115
how to learn of incarnations, ES9: 145–47
male and female lives, ES1:59–60
projection and, ES7:154–56
purpose of incarnation, ES1:163, ES9: 134–37
roles experienced, ES1:163–64
subconscious as link, ES2:313
religion, ES1:25–26. See also Christian religion; God; gods, mythological
distortions of, ES1:274
reverence for life, ES1:248–51, ES2:171–2. See also killing
Rhine, Dr. J. B., ES4:139–40, ES5:31–32, 137, ES8:331
Robbins, Ed (entity name ‘‘Rendalin’’), ES2:34
Roberts, Delmer, ES1:29–30, 126, ES6:185
first wife Marie (See Roberts, Marie Burdo)
second wife Maxine, ES6:129–31
third wife Midge, ES2:171, ES3:6, 28, ES6:175, ES9: 410
Roberts, Jane. See also Saratoga Springs; seances; Trainor, Father, poetry experiments
aggression and violence of, ES6:263–67
arthritis, ES2:85, ES3:75, 78, ES4:218–19, ES8:37
art production, ES3:148–49
     The Adult Time, ES4:267
     Enemies and Beloved Ones, ES1:35–36
     The Expansion of Human Consciousness, ES6:65
     The Fence (poetry), ES1:35, ES3:69
     To Hear a Dolphin, ES1:32, 36, 38–39
     High, Low and Psycho, (poetry) (See specific title)
     How to Develop Your ESP Power (See specific title)
     Physical Universe as Idea Construction, The (See specific title)
     The Rebellers, ES8:199
     Seth, Dreams and Projections of Consciousness, (See specific title)
     The Seth Material, (See specific title)
books, predicted, ES9: 194
children, no need for, ES1:46, ES2:9, ES8:213
concern about contact with Seth, ES1:38, ES8:162–64, 174–75, 201, 272
death age, actual, ES8:vii
death circumstances, predicted, ES5:255–56, 265, ES9: 194
dental situation, ES9: 323
dissociated states, ES1:83–88, 213–15, 258–59, 290–91, ES3:249–52, 263
dissociation and alcohol, ES3:111–14, 258, ES6:103, ES8:282
dreams, seven (predicted), ES9: 336, 374–77, 386–88
driving lessons, ES9: 69
energy available, ES2:138, 332–33, ES3:101, 174–75, ES5:245–46, ES7:100–104
entity name ‘‘Ruburt,’’ ES1:24–25, 32, 34
entity of, ES1:44
‘‘fat hands,’’ explanation of, ES2:5–6
father of (See Roberts, Delmer)
     of authority, ES2:263, ES9: 277
     of commitment to Seth material, ES2:316, ES8:253, 271–72, ES9: 207–12
     of emotions, ES1:131
     of exposure through publication, ES2:116, ES4:47, ES6:310–11, ES7:263
     of failure, ES2:314–15
     of financial success, ES2:281, ES6:311
     of not working, ES3:69–72
     of the outside world, ES2:282–83
     of spontaneity, ES3:257, ES8:336–37
final earth life, ES1:46, 246, ES5:245–46
first husband (See Zeh, Walter)
grandfather of, ES1:74–75, 160, ES5:255–56, 265
grandmother of, ES6:88, 99
health of, ES1:25–26, 35, 124, ES3:75–79, 81 (See also under smoking)
     serious, not likely, ES2:136–37
     Seth's warning of, ES4:190
indispositions (See also illness; Roberts, Jane, symptoms)
     eyes, ES2:230–32, ES9: 371
     neck stiffness, ES2:83–85, ES6:310–11
     sinus trouble, ES1:35
     thyroid condition, ES1:124, ES2:262–63
     wrist lump, ES3:75–79
life purposes, ES2:130–32, ES7:331–32, 334–35
as a medium, ES1:22–23, ES3:5, 9–12, ES7:52–55, 59–71
miscarriage, ES1:245–46
mother of (See Roberts, Marie Burdo)
musical background, ES1:283
name originally Dorothy Jane (Ann), ES7:146
nonfiction as indicator, ES8:190
orderliness and privacy, need for, ES1:210–12
poems in The Early Sessions
     ‘‘Bird Sculpts,’’ ES1:248, 252
     ‘‘The Fence,’’ ES1:27–28
poetry, ES1:22–23, 35, ES7:276, ES8:190 (See also The Fence; High, Low and Psycho)
predictions, ES3:235–37, 239–40
premonition of mother's death, ES3:128–35, 140–41
psychic development, ES7:276–77
psy-time progress, ES2:97–98, ES3:295–97, ES4:194–96, 252, ES9: 337
qualities necessary for Seth contact, ES2:26–27, ES3:16–18, 267–70, ES4:126–27, ES6:105–8
reading of the material, ES1:289–90, ES8:253, 256, 266
reincarnational lives, ES1:13–18, 48, 250, ES5:255, ES6:145–46, 199
relaxation required, ES4:251–53, ES8:214–16
self-confidence, ES1:256–58, ES4:52–53
short stories
     ‘‘The Big Freeze,’’ ES5:18–19
     ‘‘The Mission,’’ ES4:239
symptoms, immobilizing
     caused by creative energy misuse, ES7:19–20, 102–5, 269–72, ES9: 1–5
     foot and hip problems, ES6:310–11, 333–34, 337, ES7:110–12, 136–37
     general causes of, ES7:253–60, 263–66, 275–82, 286–307, ES8:36–80, 258–59, 336–39, ES9: 75–76, 210, 263–66
     improvement of, ES7:151, 269–72, ES8:265–67
     intensive work on, ES8:36–80
     labeling of, ES9: 323–25
     Rob's concentration on, ES9: 316
     symbol of symptoms (‘‘black thing’’), ES9: 274–76
     treatments for, ES8:32, 35–36, ES9: 9, 12–14, 203, 278, 325–29, 407–9
visit to a medium, ES4:116–17
     at the art gallery (See Arnot Art Gallery)
     attitudes toward, ES8:334–36
     at a Florida supermarket, ES1:123–24
     at a nursery school, ES7:221–26
     as a substitute teacher, ES7:99–102, 143–44, 146
writing ability, ES8:199, 203–4, 210
Roberts, Marie Burdo, ES1:24, 29, ES2:140–41, ES4:184, ES6:264–66, 276
Roohan, Lizzy, ES5:286, ES6:200, ES7:329
root assumptions, ES7:26–30, 32–34, 43–46
Ruburt, ES1:24–25, 32, 34, 44
as a separate personality, ES9: 122–26
Russia, ES1:247
Ryan, Father, ES6:137, 157–59, 277

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– S –

Saratoga Springs, New York, ES2:65, 303, ES7:263

Jane's childhood in, ES3:139, ES4:236, ES6:88, 150–51, 157–60, 174–75
Jane's college years in, ES7:169–70, 173–77
distortions of, ES1:274
instruments of, ES1:136–38
new tools for investigation, ES2:21–25, 27, 58–59
seances, ES1:143, ES8:253
Butts' experiments, ES1:52–58, ES3:167–68, ES6:218–21
car accident with ‘‘Evelyn,’’ ES9: 65–73, 80
with Malba Bronson, ES1:103–6, 127–30, ES7:332
with Sarah Wellington, ES1:64–68
seasons' effect on psychic activity, ES2:328–30
self. See also whole self
areas (layers) of, ES4:90–91, ES5:302–4
boundaries of, ES2:101–8
center of, ES9: 145–47, 174–75
characteristics, ES2:101–8, ES3:300–307, ES6:273–74, 278–80
definition, ES3:300, ES6:46–47, ES7:241–42
goals of, ES6:163, ES7:319–21
identification of, ES2:121–23
‘‘notself’’ and, ES2:118–20, 122, 125
supraself identity of, ES7:165–67
self-pity, ES7:2
self-structure. See self
senses, inner. See inner senses
senses, outer, ES1:140–42, ES2:100–101, ES6:120, ES7:217–18. See also inner senses
perception of inner data through, ES4:30–33, ES6:33, 114
sensual immersion, ES2:291–92
sessions, Seth
communication method, ES5:148, 151, 328–29, ES6:14–16, 21–24, 31–32, ES7:69–70, ES9: 213–16, 221–22, 231–32 (See also Ouija board; Seth Two, communication method)
communication without the Ouija board, ES1:31–32, 42, 52
conditions affecting, ES4:268–70, 279–81
first without Robert Butts, ES8:156
healing effects of, ES5:270, 276
measurements during, ES5:89, 95–99, 102, 297
observers of, ES1:37, 155, ES4:94, 269, ES5:81–82
scheduling of, ES6:103, ES9: 263–65
Seth. See also Seth Two
aspects of his plane, ES1:81, 261–62, ES2:52, ES4:168
book, potential, from his viewpoint, ES8:319–23
careful not to tamper with future, ES3:313
characteristics of, ES1:254–55, 268, ES5:91–93
clairvoyance used in experiments, ES4:213
contact initiated by Jane and Rob, ES1:34, 203–6
contact with others beside Jane and Rob, ES4:219, ES5:41–52, 62, 64–65, 69
on demonstrations, ES1:61–62, 143–44, 302–3, ES2:79, ES3:105–7, ES4:217–18
existence, proof of, ES4:141–53, 156, ES8:211–12, 253–56
form, ability to change, ES1:92–93, 255–56, ES3:243
healer role, ES1:25, ES3:309, ES8:311–14
loves, ES3:162
naming of, ES1:23
not a subpersonality or subconscious, ES1:143, 216, 320, ES2:91–92, 326–27
painting of, ES4:130. ES5:33–34, ES5:314, 334–35, ES8:223–24, ES9: 361
perception of session witnesses, ES5:58, ES8:192–93
physical phenomena produced by
     attempts with no results, ES1:30–31, 34–35
     candle effect, ES5:57–58, 67, 117–19, 123–24, 132, 139–40
     changes in Jane's face, ES4:56–64, ES5:93–94
     changes to Jane's hand, ES1:53–57
     image in bathroom doorway, ES2:211–15, 222–26
prefers not to be paraphrased, ES2:313
prefers ‘‘Seth’’ to ‘‘Frank Watts,’’ ES1:23
presence with all who know him, ES3:276
reincarnational life in Denmark, ES1:13–18, 83, 321–22, ES3:161–62, 164–65, 170, 208–9, ES8:287
relationship to Jane and Rob, ES5:148–51, ES6:139–41, 143, ES9: 109–10, 123
relationship to Seth Two, ES9: 33–34
speaks only through Jane/Ruburt now, ES9: 187, 237–38, 240–41
     method, ES1:157–59, 174, 177, ES7:155
     program, ES4:126–29, ES6:272
     role, ES1:62, 273–74, 291, ES3:173, ES5:328–29
Seth, Dreams and Projections of Consciousness (Jane Roberts), ES4:245, ES5:109, 115, ES7:248, ES8:190–91, 252, 256, 260, 271, 329–30, ES9: 34, 224–25
Seth material
contributions of, ES2:312–13, ES3:27–28, ES4:162, ES8:191, 212–13
deleted material, ES6:39, ES8:135–36, vii–x
distortions, necessity of, ES1:204–5, ES2:43, 143, ES3:196, ES8:273
distortions in, ES1:70, 266, 285–87, ES2:335–36, ES5:269, ES6:223–25, ES8:110–11, 254
publication and circulation of, ES1:144–45, ES2:312–17, ES3:275, ES6:198, ES9: 237
rapport with varied audience, ES9: 225–28
The Seth Material (Jane Roberts), ES2:312, ES5:316–17, ES7:248, ES8:271. See also Prentice-Hall
content, Seth's comments on, ES8:260–61, 314–17, ES9: 361, 432
Seth Speaks, Seth on, before writing, ES9: 195, 220, 432–33, 441–44
Seth Two
communication method, ES8:288–90, 328, ES9: 7–9, 242–44
cone effect, Jane's, ES8:274–75, 280
gestalt of, ES8:263, 267–70, 274–77, 285–86, 326–29
initial appearance of, ES8:263–76
perceptions of, ES8:291–92, ES9: 7–8, 19–20
relation to physical reality, ES9: 115–18, 352
Shafer, Meredith Lorraine, ES3:256–57, 316–19, 321, ES4:302–4, 306–9
entity name ‘‘Marleno,’’ ES3:317
Shakespeare, ES4:226
shared dreams. See dreams, shared
Shepherd, Audrey, ES8:156–57, 177–78
Simmons, Don, ES9: 439–40
sin, original, ES1:155
Sirhan, Sirhan, ES8:307–8
activities during, ES9: 331 (See also dreams; dream state)
deprivation, ES4:296–97
sleepwalking, ES6:247–48
explanation of Jane's, ES1:243–45, 249–50, ES3:334–38
Seth's disapproval of, ES1:87, 110, 126, 212, 241, ES4:1, 8–9, 246
Sorino, Diane, ES9: 431–34
called ‘‘inner self,’’ ES3:202
invention of, ES1:177–78, 184
space. See dimension, fifth
space travel, ES1:320, 328, ES2:22, 25, 74–75, 103–5
transportation method, ES2:7, ES6:172
spacious present, ES1:324–25, ES2:79, 92–93, ES3:59, ES5:151, ES6:74
Spaziani, James, 203, ES1:37, ES2:185, ES3:88, 91–95, ES5:247–51, ES6:81
Spaziani, Marian, ES5:289–90, ES6:70–72
Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship, ES9: 362, 383
spirituality, contemporary definition of, ES3:275
spontaneity, ES9: 1, 3–6, 100–101, 263
as a basic law, ES2:13–14
stars, existence of, ES6:153
Stedge, Dr., ES1:59
Stimmerman, Danny, ES8:147–49
Stonehenge, ES9: 426–27
subconscious, ES2:71, 73, ES3:206–7
awareness of personality fragments, ES1:42
communicating with, ES4:18–19, ES7:254
disappearance of, ES1:279
and dreams, ES3:34–35, 237
and the ego, ES4:19–22, 74–75
layers (areas) of, ES1:138–39, 190, ES2:21, 325, ES3:12–18
purposes of, ES1:280–81, ES3:10
suffering, ES4:191–92
suggestion. See also expectation
as an urge to action, ES4:72–75
characteristics, ES4:96–101
effects of, ES4:196–97, ES5:27–28, ES6:337, ES7:2–3
for health improvement, ES4:67–71, 199, ES5:25, ES7:278, ES8:126–29
how to use, ES5:314–15, ES7:333–34
Sullivan, Roger, ES9: 150–73
survival instinct, ES9: 374
survival personalities, ES6:259–60, ES7:231–32, 247, 330, ES8:141–44. See also apparitions
Jane's contact with, ES8:165–74
system, first, ES9: 185
systems. See also planes; realities
closed, no, ES3:158, 172, 182, 232
interrelationships, ES3:232–35
other than physical
     formation of, ES7:198–202
     perception of, ES5:180–85, ES6:73–75
physical (See physical reality)
planetary, ES9:181–85

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– T –

table tipping, ES7:92–93, 96–97, 103, ES8:136, 139–51, 255
Taylor, Betty, ES9: 362, 381, 383–85, 431–32
Taylor, Donna and Ed, ES4:275–76
telepathy, ES1:267, ES2:8, ES3:212, ES4:27, 291–92, 324–25

examples, ES6:53–55, 65–66, ES7:275–76
and projection, ES7:309, ES9: 270
same as clairvoyance, ES6:2–3
types of, ES3:214–17
uses of, ES2:21, 24–25, 173–75
temperature pictures, ES8:27
Tennant, Jim, ES2:55–58, 63–64
entity name ‘‘Mareth,’’ ES2:58
tension. See under action
envelope (See envelope experiments)
Instream (See Instream, Dr. George H.)
random numbers and word association, ES3:165
thalamus, ES7:217
Thomases, Mara, ES3:334
thoughts in the electrical field, ES3:219–25, 233, 241–42
thyroid gland, ES2:260–62
time. See also moment point; probabilities
animals' perception, ES9: 20, 55–56
clock, ES1:77–78, 176–7, 319, 326–27, ES5:69–71, 111–12
definition, ES3:177
in dreams, ES5:87
feeling pressure of, ES9: 206–7
and identity, ES9: 7, 10, 17–18, 36–39, 42–55
inverted system of, ES5:191–94, 228–30, 259–62, 339–40
nerve structure and, ES9: 22–24
notime, ES9: 74–75
past, altering, ES5:212–15, 221–22
physical, ES1:176, 319
Priestly and Dunne concepts of, ES5:141–45, 170–73, 229–30
psychological (See psychological time)
timelessness. See spacious present
tissue capsule, ES1:312, 315–17, 335
To Hear a Dolphin (Jane Roberts), ES1:32, 36, 38–39
Tomoski, Pete, ES9: 439–40
Towson, Sam, and family, ES1:4–6
Trainor, Father, ES1:62, 129, ES4:91–92, ES7:329
poetry experiments, ES3:252, 257–58, 261–63, ES4:48, 50–51
trance states. See dissociated states
travel, nonphysical, ES1:328–29, ES2:49–53, ES3:256
travel through the physical universe. See space travel
tree consciousness, ES1:42, 116–21, ES9: 185
Tubbs, Marie, ES3:46, 74–75, 80–81, 85
twins' communication, ES3:27

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– U –

UFOs. See flying saucers
ulcers. See Gallagher, William, ulcers
unit of consciousness. See consciousness unit
universal fields. See also dream state; matter; matter, negative; physical reality

interrelationships among, ES3:170–72, 175, 179, 182–85
definition, ES1:237–38
expanding, ES1:333–34, 336, ES2:4–6, ES5:191
planetary systems in our, ES9: 181–85

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– V –

value climate of psychological reality

basic laws of, ES2:13–17
characteristics of, ES2:19–20, 135, ES4:88
value fulfillment, ES3:305, 324–25, ES4:15, 239
as a basic law, ES2:14, 67, 76–77, ES3:62–63
compared to ‘‘purpose,’’ ES9: 33
different from growth, ES2:242–44
Van Dyke the Younger, ES1:15–16
Van Esker. See Butts, Robert F., Jr. (‘‘Rob’’), art
Van Over, Raymond, ES8:111–14, 332, ES9: 15, 17, 84
violence, ES4:184, ES9: 178–81. See also aggression; war
vitality. See action
vitamin deficiencies, ES9: 2

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– W –

war, ES1:237–38, ES8:15–17, 304, 333

fought in dream state, ES4:172
how to oppose, ES8:304
and weather, ES2:114, ES9: 335
Ward, Bill, ES7:116–17, 119–25
Watkins, Carl, ES8:144–52, ES9: 158–62, 194
wife Sue (See Watkins, Susan Mullin)
Watkins, Susan Mullin, ES9: 183, 216–19, 377–78
Watts, Frank
children and grandchildren of, ES1:3, 5–6
contact through Ouija board, ES1:1–23
fragment of Seth, ES1:23, 54, 93, 101–2, 155
friend of Florence Callahan, ES1:9, 224–25, 240, 262–63
on Jane's and Rob's weaknesses, ES1:18–19
validity of material from, ES2:336–37
Watts, Treva, ES1: 38
Watts, Ursula Torto, ES1:2, 4
weather, ES5:242–45, ES8:9, 11–12
and the electrical field, ES3:225
as emotional patterns, ES2:112–16
seasons' effects on psychic activity, ES2:328–30
Wellington, Sarah. See under seances
whole self, ES1:184–86, 188, 191. See also self
Wilbur, Don and Marilyn, ES5:108, 337, ES8:100
Willy. See pets, Willy
Wollheim, Donald, ES2:312, ES5:210, ES7:14–15, 301, ES9: 31
Wright, Judy, ES3:231–32, 244–47
entity name ‘‘Rayuk,’’ ES3:245
Wright, Lee, ES3:231–32, 244–47
entity name ‘‘Wonlin,’’ ES3:245

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– Y –

Yaudes, Leonard, ES1:265, 274, ES4:240–41, ES9: 308–10
yoga practice, ES1:106, ES5:115, ES6:53–54, 281, ES7:4, 253, 271
York Beach fragments, ES1:43–47, 49, 58, 87–88, ES2:226, 228–9, 301, ES5:214–15, ES9: 1–3

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– Z –

Zeh, Walter, ES1:90, 126, ES2:140, ES4:219, ES7:294

entity name ‘‘Ziaka,’’ ES2:142
marriage to Jane, ES3:22, ES7:277
Zeizing, Nan, ES3:139
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