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Ongoing Online Seth Class

All classes are recorded for later viewing in case you can't make the scheduled time


Instructor Rick Stack (See bio below)

Live webinars are held the 2nd and 4th Tuesday
of every month starting at 7:30 PM Eastern Time

Class is approximately 2 hours
with one break


Instructor David Cielak (See bio below)

Live webinars are held the 1st and 3rd Monday
of every month starting at 7:30 PM Eastern Time

Class is approximately 2 hours
with one break


These ongoing Seth classes are designed to promote in-depth discussion of the Seth material and an effective continuing learning environment in which we are all learners and teachers. To that end we will be reading short excerpts from the Seth books together, listening to some short audio clips of Seth speaking, practicing with Seth exercises and methods, sharing experiences both inner and outer, and then discussing and hashing out the practical application of the Seth material to our daily lives and our exploration of inner reality. The classes include a message board (forum) which you can participate in as your interest and time allows.

Ongoing Seth Class Membership Fee: $10 per class (total $40 per month)

You can cancel your membership whenever you wish.

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RICK STACK was a student of Seth & Jane Roberts and personally attended over 100 Seth sessions given in Jane Roberts’ classes in Elmira, NY. He is the President of New Awareness Network Inc., The Seth Bookstore ( and publisher/editor of The Seth Audio Collection, The Early Sessions (Books 1-9 of the Seth Material), The Personal Sessions, and other books by Jane Roberts. Author of Out Of Body Adventures (Contemporary Books 1988), he has been teaching courses on the Seth material, dreams, out of body experiences and consciousness studies throughout the United States and abroad for over 40 years. He has been on the faculty of many schools throughout the United States and has appeared on numerous radio and television shows. Over a 20 year period Rick worked with Jane’s husband Rob Butts on the publication of previously unpublished Seth material. His current projects include a global outreach program to educate and introduce people to the Seth material (

DAVID CIELAK is a frequent presenter at the US and European conferences of the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD). His presentations often focus on Seth’s teachings in the area of dreams and his most recent presentation was on Seth, Dreams and Health. Dave has been studying the Seth material since the 1970’s when the book Seth Speaks literally fell off a bookstore shelf into his lap. He credits Seth’s concepts and dream state practices to helping him achieve success in building large scale social welfare organizations which have helped thousands of disabled and disadvantaged people to obtain and maintain employment. Dave has taught many courses in the area of dreams, facilitated many dream groups, and is the Program Director of New Awareness Network Inc.

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