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A Guide to Enlightened Parenting: A Seth Companion Book

BY Dr. Tien-Sheng Hsu

A Psychiatrist’s Spiritual and Practical Approach to Raising a Happy, Fulfilled Child

This book is based on Dr Hsu’s extensive study of the Seth books as it applies to raising children and his experience in clinical psychiatry as the director of the mental health department of Taipei Hospital and head of the Seth clinic in Taiwan. It explores child rearing, education and family relationships from the perspective of the Seth material and an overall body, mind, and spirit approach. Over the years, Dr Hsu has treated numerous children who were suffering from problems such as emotional dysfunction, learning disabilities, poor concentration and maladjusted relationships. The purpose of this book is to help parents and teachers to thoroughly understand children’s hearts from a holistic perspective and to provide practical applications for addressing problems and raising a happy fulfilled child.

DR. TIEN-SHENG HSU started his career as a family doctor at the Renai Branch of Taipei City Hospital and then decided to study psychiatry in order to gain a deeper understanding of how the human psyche affects the body. He became a psychiatrist at Taipei City Psychiatric Center and then served as the director of the mental health department at Taipei Hospital. He is the founder and director of the Seth Clinic in Taiwan, where he treats mental and physical illness using the principles of the Seth material. Apart from his background in orthodox medicine, Dr. Hsu has studied holistic health philosophies and consciousness studies for over 25 years. His combined knowledge and experience has resulted in his highly effective and unique programs for parenting, child psychology, and the treatment of mental and physical disease. Dr. Hsu is the author of 13 books and a frequent speaker throughout Taiwan, Hong Kong, mainland China, Malaysia, the U.S. and Canada.


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