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A Seth Workbook: Create Your Own Reality
(New Release) by Nancy Ashley

BY Nancy Ashley

Create Your Own Reality is the acclaimed Seth workbook designed to help people understand and apply the concept that your thoughts, emotions, beliefs and expectations form your reality.  It includes an afterword by Tam Mossman, the editor of the Seth books by Jane Roberts, originally published by Prentice Hall in the 1970’s

“A delightful, provocative companion book to Seth and Jane. An instant reference work to the inner dimensions of the self.  —Susan M. Watkins, Jane Robert’s friend and student and Author of Conversations with Seth.

“It’s hard for me to convey the enormous impact Create Your Own Reality has had on my personal life. From the rather hefty array of Jane Roberts’s work, Nancy Ashley has gleaned Seth’s essential ideas and distilled them into 46 concise chapters…Ms. Ashley does a superb job of presenting Seth’s ideas clearly and comprehensively…” —Tam Mossman, (Editor of the  Seth Books)


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