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Dreaming Myself, Dreaming A Town: Field Notes from the Land of Dreams
A Seth Companion Book

by Susan M. Watkins

Dreaming Myself, Dreaming A Town: Field Notes from the Land of Dreams<br>A Seth Companion Book

Dreaming Myself, Dreaming A Town: Field Notes from the Land of Dreams
A Seth Companion Book

by Susan M. Watkins

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Dreaming Myself, Dreaming A Town, is an extraordinary book about a unique dream project, conducted by journalist Sue Watkins, author of the acclaimed "Conversations with Seth" (See Rob Butt's review at bottom)

             The story of Sue Watkins' astounding dream project, in which the dreams of residents of the small town of Dundee, NY, were collected, examined and correlated with daily events.  The results of the project included literally amazing revelations, synchronicities and coincidences, as well as a steady flow of precognitive dreams. Several people, for example, would have the same or similar dreams, often with powerful emotional content,  and often prior to an event happening, and those dreams would then “come true.”  There seemed to be a definite interweaving between the town’ s dream life, waking life and emotional life.  Town residents often reported intense vivid dreams of the dead, or recollections of what they felt might be “past lives” , or dreams that demonstrated psychic abilities on the part of ordinary people.

            The implications of this book are nothing less then staggering. It contains essential information for anyone who wants to understand themselves and their greater reality. It points firmly to the hypothesis that there is some sort of incredible order and connection between daily events and our dreams. Also it shows that the average person possesses so called “psychic” abilities, and that these are a normal and important function in our daily lives. Further, it leads inevitably to the conclusion that this incredible connection between dreams and daily life is happening not just in Dundee, NY, but in every town and city throughout the world, and ALL the time. 


Susan M. Watkins worked as a reporter for newspapers and radio and was formerly co-editor of the Dundee Observer, where this dream project began. She was a friend and student of Jane Roberts, author of the renowned Seth books.  Sue’s other books include  Speaking of Jane Roberts, Garden Madness, What  A Coincidence, and the acclaimed Conversations with Seth.  Her short stories have appeared in The Sun, The Horror Show, and others. She lives in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York

From Robert F. Butts – Jane Robert’s husband and co-author of the Seth Books

             “Sue has written a fine, evocative book, one based upon her own intensely felt intuitive, psychic, and dreaming knowing. Just as Sue is certain, I'm certain that each one of us has conscious access to the luminous, transforming knowing that our larger dreaming self creates—but Sue has done us the great service of putting that knowing into words for us in this book.

            In Dreaming Myself, Dreaming A Town, Sue Watkins takes us on multilevel searching journeys through our individual and mass consciousnesses. From the dreams of a community of people, from her own dreams and from those of others, she validates that great knowing, dreaming, mysterious reality—the vast foundation that all of us join in creating to support our swarming vitality. As Sue tells us, we don't have to go anywhere to find our individual portions of this splendid creation: "It's right here, within each one of us.” Her personal explorations show us that, and they in turn cast new light upon the paths of our own searches. She helps each one of us dreaming creatures find our way. I welcome her contribution to our knowing.

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