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Portrait of Ruburt & Joseph Full Size Edition

BY Jane Roberts

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New Prints Available of “ Portrait of Seth”
and “Portrait of Ruburt and Joseph”
New Awareness Network Inc is proud to offer fine art giclee graphics of two of the classic oil paintings created by Robert F. Butts. Each painting is offered in two sizes on canvas. All editions are printed using archival quality inks. The results are astonishingly accurate interpretations of the original works unrivalled in quality. (The Giclee printing process provides for the highest quality fine art graphics with rich colors in the tradition of original stone lithography.)
In addition, we have a few pieces left of the special edition of Portrait of Ruburt and Joseph, hand-numbered and signed by the artist, Robert F. Butts (only 20 pieces in existence) and issued with a certificate of authenticity.

Seth's comments on "Portrait of Ruburt & Joseph": "The portrait is of Joseph and Ruburt. These are not portraits of yourselves as past personalities in your terms, or of particular reincarnational selves. They are pictorial representations of the whole selves that you are. In your terms, the selves that are the sum of your reincarnational personalities. These whole selves then are a part of your entity.... These personalities are aware of your present existence, and give you advice when you are in the sleep state. They are a source of your strength. You can draw upon their knowledge, and you can draw upon the knowledge of your own reincarnational selves, "past and future", in quotes." - Seth Session 507
This piece appears in the photo insert of "The Seth Material" by Jane Roberts. It is a double portrait of Ruburt and Joseph, which is Jane Roberts' and Rob Butts' "whole selves".



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