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Outside is a Secret Key

BY New Awareness Network Inc.

Seth referred to Barrie Gellis as "our poet" in his very first words to him in Jane Roberts' class on October 31, 1972. Outside Is A Secret Key is a powerful and inspiring collection of poems which explore the "secret keys", the links between daily events and the personal psyche.

"And now a word from your poet: Emerson believed that every word was once a great poem. Perhaps, then, every object was once a great symbol. Could it be that each hair, then, is a map leading to sunken treasures? My poems celebrate the wonder, sadness, confusion and joy of the human experience. Outside is a secret key that contains spiritual answers found in every day life... (From the Preface)

Barrie Gellis was a member of Jane Roberts' Seth/ESP classes in Elmira, NY and also attended Jane Roberts' poetry workshops. He is featured in Susan Watkins book, Conversations With Seth.


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