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Seth MP3 #28 - Digital Download - Seth Session & Transcript

BY Jane Roberts

Seth discusses: All That Is, Asian philosophies, nirvana, popes, the Catholic church, becoming a conscious co-creator, the continuity of individuality after death, Individuality and All That Is; Sample Quotes - "in the glorification and realization of your own individuality, do you therefore know what God is, for God manifests himself through what you are. And if he wanted always to be One, and not individualistic, then he would have remained latent and never materialized in individual form; "...And when you deny your individuality, you deny a corner of God's mind and put up a black cloud even through His knowing." ; " "The boundaries of the self are your own. The self is not limited. Now when I say the self is not limited, you may think that it will bleed outward and become everything else, and therefore lose what it is. Instead, however, the self reestablishes its individuality, becomes more what it is - and not less. It becomes more what you are and not less;" Includes SUMARI SINGING - Song entitled, "Song of Specifics".span>


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