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The Oversoul Seven Trilogy

BY Jane Roberts

(Three books in one)

1) THE EDUCATION OF OVERSOUL SEVEN The first novel of the famed trilogy by Roberts which presents Seth's concepts in a dramatic format. Oversoul Seven is a non-physical personality who is engaged in an exam designed to help him understand the nature of being. His schoolroom is all of time and space, his subjects reincarnation, dreams and out-of-body travel. The main theme of his course is that each individual creates his own reality, and Seven must communicate what he learns to the four personalities of which he is oversoul. He bounces back and forth between the four very distinct time periods and characters who are all linked by him. This book is a playful parable of time and space that opens up a whole new vision of life.

2) FURTHER EDUCATION OF OVERSOUL SEVEN In this sequel to the original novel, Oversoul Seven faces new "lessons" as his quite human incarnations grapple with basic questions of life and death. For example, one recently "deceased" twentieth century woman, is reluctant to be reborn in seventeenth-century Sweden and demands a visit to the Land of the Gods. This provocative story is a vibrant celebration of life that provides a mind-stretching voyage to the inner lands of being.

3) OVERSOUL 7 AND THE MUSEUM OF TIME In this third book of the Oversoul Trilogy, Oversoul Seven metamorphoses in and out of identities and navigates back and forth through millennia at the speed of light. Now instructed to inhabit a real human body, Seven will learn many lessons about time and space. But first he must come to the aid of two of his new personalities. This mission takes him on a journey to the enigmatic Museum of Time in search of the codicils and their eternal secrets and shows him a reality he never knew he knew. 


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