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The Personal Sessions: Book 3 of the Deleted Material

BY Jane Roberts

A Seth Book: The Personal Sessions, originally referred to as "the deleted sessions", are Seth sessions that Jane Roberts and Rob Butts considered to be of a highly personal nature and were therefore kept in separate notebooks from the main body of the Seth material. In addition, The Personal Sessions  include some regular Seth sessions that were inadvertently never published. Before Jane Roberts passed away, she asked Rob Butts to publish all of the Seth material, including these revealing and amazing personal sessions.

Book 1 of The Personal Sessions also contains a 39 page "biographical" introduction, written in 2003 by Rob Butts, providing a detailed description of Jane and Robs life together, and a personal view into their relationship with the Seth Material and each other.

There are 7 Volumes of The Personal Sessions. We recommend that The Personal Sessions be read after first reading The Early Sessions.


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