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Psychic Politics

BY Jane Roberts

This book is Jane Roberts' search for the rules that govern our inner life, the links between subjective experience and the greater reality that nourishes all of our existence. For the first time, she writes of the "Library" - a super-real storehouse of "probable" books that tell of the paths human consciousness has not yet taken...of "Counterparts," simultaneous incarnations living on earth today so as to broaden the fabric of their individual soul's experience...of the Codicils, an alternate set of rules that can transmute the framework of our entire civilization...and of ways the reader can joyously participate in the debates and decisions within his own personality. "Each person contains an inner civilization of the self which he learns to govern...The ego rises from the civilization of the psyche just as a leader rises from the masses of the people; appointed, chosen, or taking control according to an inner politics first existing within the greater inner mind."


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